Scary For Kids


This is a free chatroom so all of you can talk to each other. This is Tinychat. You can log in as a guest and choose your own username. You can also log in using your facebook or twitter username. If you are using a phone, you might be able to download a Tinychat app for iPhone or android. Click the chatroom picture below to enter.


The current chatroom link is The name of the chatroom can change, so it’s best to enter the chat through this page.

1. Please don’t log in pretending to be me.
2. Please don’t bully each other.
3. Please don’t spam.

Hopefully everyone will be nice and behave themselves.

Note: Slenderwoman is the Mod so she is ultimately in charge of the chatroom.
Note: If someone logs in pretending to be me, don’t believe anything they say, unless they can prove they’re me.
Note: If someone is bothering you, just put them on “ignore”.

scary for kids


  • Thanks SFK, hey, by the way, did the name or somethin get changed??? There’s absolutely noone there.

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