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Lead Masks

Lead Masks

The Lead Masks is a true story about two Brazilian men who were found dead under mysterious circumstances. The mystery of their deaths was never solved and today it continues to confound everyone who reads about it.

Lead Masks

On August 20th, 1966, a boy was flying his kite on a hill in Rio de Janeiro, when he stumbled across the dead bodies of two men. The police were called in and they found an inexplicable puzzle that left them scratching their heads.

The dead men were lying side by side in the undergrowth, dressed in matching suits and wearing waterproof overcoats. The strangest thing about it was that they were wearing lead masks… The kind of lead masks you would wear to protect your eyes from radiation.

There were no signs of violence and it appeared as if both men had just laid down and died peacefully right there. Near the bodies were two towels, an empty bottle of water and a notebook. When the police examined the notebook, they discovered it contained a cryptic message:

“16:30 Hs. esta local determinado. 18:30 Hs. engolir cápsula, após efeito proteger metais aguardar sinal máscara.”

“16:30 be at the agreed place. 18:30 swallow capsule, after effect protect metals await mask signal.”

They were later identified as Manoel Pereira de Cruz and Miguel Jose Viana, two electronic technicians from Campos los Goytacazes, a town several miles northeast of Rio. Their families said the men had left three days before on a bus and they said they were going to buy a car and some supplies they needed for work.

They supposedly had a lot of money with them, but no money was found on the bodies. The men’s corpses were too decomposed for the police to determine if they had taken any pills.

They were seen buying the raincoats and the towels. They stopped at a local bar to buy a bottle of water and the bartender said Viana looked nervous and kept checking his watch as if he was in a hurry. It was the last time they were seen alive.

To this day, the deaths of Cruz and Viana has never been unexplained. Were they murdered? Did they take their own lives? What is the meaning of the cryptic messages in their notebook? Why were they wearing lead masks?

Can you solve the mystery?

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  • Fascinating indeed…they probably did kill themselves cuz it sounds like they had one of those pills u just bite down on and then u die cuz the poison or whatever dunno y they had to do it though.

  • Oh wow I didn’t think this was true but it is true thats really wierd hmm mabye it was aliens… nahh I have no idea what it could be

  • I didn’t get it and the story is one of those stories that leave you like what happened to them.

  • Aparantly no one’s been able to solve. Reading throught he comments, I’ve found at least three legit answers.

  • @ForeverRetarded i am glad i’m not the only one who notices this. It’s only been about money since July 4, 1776.

  • I’m thinking:
    The agreed place was code for where they were found and capsules were drugs so they wore the masks to hide their identity as they were drug dealing but the people who were meeting them kept them quiet and made them take the drugs telling them that they could see metal ( nucular) and left them there to die peacefully.
    Lol Libz x.

  • (Just Thinking)
    It’s a combination of Men in Black and Mission Impossible 3:They were agents like Agent J and Agent K and they were Dealing with the Alien Kingpin and so The agreement place was ‘The Hill’ and Capsule(a charge in head like MI3) and the metal was (the thing like The Rabbit’s foot) soo they had to protect it and they have their own plan to kill the Alien Kingpin and when the kingpin came he know about the plan and activated the charge and BOOM they died…..

  • I think they’re work for goverments.they took the pills,and doing their jobs with that “signals” or “radiance” then,after their jobs has done,the pills shows it’s effect and they’re dead,to keep the secret. Is this the real “man in black” story?

  • @bigchief55 I like your theory! I was thinking the same thing with the “capsules” and the fact that they were dealing something/someone dangerous. And btw the government would do anything for money, the last thing on their minds is our health. It disgusts me.

  • I hate that the goverment hides things like this from us. True or not, this story is an example of how the government lies to us about stuff going done that can kill, injur, or make us sick. It’s plain ridiculous! I’m a freshman and I know they lie!

  • I got it! They were to bring something to a “The Agreed Place”, a.k.a the hill. Whatever happened it was bad. They took a pill, “Capsule”, that they thought was to help them see the signal. They were assigned to protect nuclear, “Metals”, they were not to put on the radiation glasses until the felt the effects. They started to become sick from the poison, thinking it was the effects, they put on the glasses. They soon died, and someone or something took what they were told to protect. Just who they were told to meet and what went wrong, escapes my mind.

  • To protect their secret. They were found out, and killed themselves.

  • They wore the glasses because they were handling nuclear equipment. They got radiation on themselves and took the pill so they wouldn’t suffer. They clearly worked for the government, explainig the suits. Just what “The Signal” was, even I don’t understand. They were planning something with the nuclear equipment. The question remains; What happened to the nuclear equipment? and, What exactly was “The Signal” they were waiting for?

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