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Truth or Scare

Truth or Scare

Truth or Scare was a paranormal TV show that was hosted by Michelle Trachtenberg. Each episode featured true ghost stories, famous hauntings and other paranormal phenomena. It aired on Discovery Kids from 2001 to 2003.

Truth or Scare

1. Castle Ghosts of England – Myths and legends of ghosts that are associated with the castles of England.

2. Dracula – The evolution of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

3. Wolfman: The Myth and the Science – The legend of the werewolf.

4. The Curse of Tutankhamen – A legend and of a curse on the tomb of Pharoh Tutankhamen.

5. Castle Ghosts of Ireland – Past and present merge in the Ireland’s castle halls of the world.

6. Ghosthunters – Modern ghostbusters investigate paranormal phenomenon.

7. UFO’s Over Phoenix – The mysterious sightings of UFO’s in Phoenix, Arizona.

8. America’s Haunted Houses – People investigate reports of ghosts and mysterious happenings in America.

9. Castle Ghosts of Scotland – Stories of Scotland’s turbulent past tell of hauntings.

10. Bigfoot – The urban legend of Bigfoot.

11. Night Visitors – The Bell Witch; Mercy Brown vampire incident; Emily’s Bridge; the Hammond Castle hauntings.

12. The Bermuda Triangle – The mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.

13. Castle Ghosts of Wales – Haunted Welsh castles.

14. The True Story of Halloween – The history of Halloween.

15. Hollywood Haunts – Hollywood’s notorious sites for being haunted.

16. Haunted Hotels – Historic hotels that have a reputation for being haunted.

17. Scare Me! – Some people avoid being scared, while others seek out the thrill of it.

18. Real Witches? – The history of witches.

19. Loch Ness Monster – The myth of the infamous Loch Ness Monster in Scotland.

20. Psychic Science – The practice of psychics and mediums.

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