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Freaky (2003) was a horror/sci-fi TV show that was broadcast in New Zealand and Australia. The show featured children ending up in very strange scenarios and being placed in situations facing aliens, ghosts, monsters, supernatural forces and strange phenomena.


According to many people, Freaky was a very disturbing show and gave a lot of young viewers nightmares. Some episodes featured graphic content involving children getting their faces eaten, dying and even being eaten by sharks. Given that horror, it’s a miracle this show even aired.

Freaky was never released on video or DVD, which makes it very rare and a difficult program to find. Here is a discussion where people remember the show:

Years ago, there was this show on the ABC channel in Australia called “Freaky”. It was a very, very short show that lasted about 8 minutes. I remember hearing about it getting banned because of how messed up it was. I remember being traumatised into silence by one episode in particular:

A young girl is in an open house looking around when she suddenly starts noticing that something is off. The other houses down the street in the distance are just realistic 3D paintings on walls. The children playing outside are just wooden cut-outs propped up. Then suddenly the real estate agent, this middle aged man starts chasing her obviously trying to kill her and eat her. She runs and runs through the house trying to get away, but no matter what direction she runs, she only reaches the same painted walls.

I don’t remember how, but she eventually ends up tricking her pursuers into killing themselves. She breathes a sigh of relief, but all of a sudden, she’s lifted up by these gargantuan alien creatures. It’s revealed that the whole thing was a weird diorama or maze they built. One of them says, “That was fun, but what do we do now?” The other one replies, “Let’s just disect her”. Then they lay her out on a table and one of them uses a scalpel to slice open her chest and the episode ends. Does anyone else remember this?

I remember this show. I was only young at the time and I remember the episode you described vividly. It started in a school and there was a professor. The girl and a boy her age were in class putting rats in a maze to find cheese. Then something happens and all of a sudden they’re the rats and the professor and a male student chase her and try to kill her and she gets picked up by the alien looking things exactly as you said.

Was this show on at about 4:30 PM, twice a week? Because honestly if this is the show I’m thinking of, I’ve tried to block it out!

That was the one!

I remember watching it every now and then. It was creepy as hell.

Does anyone remember the episode where they ate the boys face?

I’ve been scouring every source I can for the past few days. Everyone remembers it, but it’s not listed anywhere.

The show had a really short intro of this gray skinned demonic looking kid just standing there, surrounded by lightning and fog as the title came up. I’m trying my best to remember.

I can’t find any information on it. I’ve become obsessed with it for the past week because my girlfriend told me about how she had nightmares for a week after seeing an episode with a kid breaking his neck. Then it all came back to me and now I’m trying to find out how they got away with that.

I was utterly obsessed with this show. I repressed the memories and they all sort of flooded back.

This makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. To think, there were kids all over Australia watching Freaky at the same time as me, all being traumatized. And now, years later, here we are discussing the very show that traumatised us.


Anyone remember the one with the dummy? That was super nightmare fuel

The dummy episode? The one where the boy buys this creepy mannequin from this seedy old carnival guy. The dummy’s face looks like it’s frozen in a constant state of terror. It turns out the dummy is alive and it starts glowing as it’s walking towards him. It ties the boy up and the screen fades to black. Then it cuts to police cars and ambulances outside the boy’s house. His mother is crying and giving a statement to a policeman. The boy is obviously missing. Then it cuts to the carny guy displaying his latest attraction. It’s the boy. He has been turned into a doll and his face is frozen in a silent scream.

Oh God! Mannequins have always screwed with my head. That episode actually stopped me sleeping for two nights.

I remember that episode. The dummy’s name was Bobby. It still terrifies me to think of it.


They always had that one really, really, really horrible, devastating end scene. The ending shots always stayed with me.

I remember that show! I remember this one horrible one where this kid always wore a motorcycle helmet to school. Another kid asked him to take it off and he had this creepy-looking skull face on the back of his head.

And then another episode where there was this alien thing that attached to your back ….

I repressed these memories for so long.

Noooooooooonnooo dude I forgot about that one. He put lemon juice on this other kids lap to make it look like he had peed himself, right? And then they used the kid with the helmet to break down the door. That face gave me nightmares. Didn’t it devour him at the end?

Yes, I think he did eat him at the end! God, that episode alone creeped me out enough to change the channel every time it was on!

Yes, I remember the skull face on the back of his head. I was so scared I ran straight up to cry in my parents’ bedroom.


Honestly. It was a screwed up show. Some episodes were downright gory.

Why is no one mentioning that kid who got his face eaten? That was messed up.

There was an episode where a kid loses his face?

Oh my god NONONONONnonononononoNONONONO! I’m not even joking I had to go to therapy as a kid after the face eating episode.

I remember an episode called “Housesitter”. A teenage boy knocks on the door of a house and a really hot chick answers. It turned out she was recently widowed and she told him her dead husband was haunting the house, so it was his job to keep watch and stay awake the whole night so she could get some sleep. He stays up most of the night but after drinking some hot chocolate the lady gave him he falls into a deep sleep. He wakes up the next morning and everything appears to be fine. He gets paid but as he’s walking out he sees this old guy in the mirror and he’s all like, “I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry” and the kid is like “For what?” and the man is like, “She’s not my wife. She’s a mutant or demon or something. While you were sleeping, she…. they… they feasted on your face.” Then you see one of his ears slowly start peeling off and fall to the ground. Then one of his eyes starts to dangle out, he’s freaking out and catches it by the nerve before it hits the ground. But his other eye falls at that moment and bounces along the ground. One by one, all of his facial features… even his mouth… fall to the ground. Eventually he’s just this faceless figure on his knees, clawing at what’s left of his face.

I refuse to believe they would broadcast that on children’s television.

Yeah, some episodes were definitely scary and had a very odd feeling about them.

I saw that face-eating episode. I remember crying and crying and freaking out and my parents banning me from watching that show.

The “face melting” episode was the most gruesome and screwed up one, in my opinion. I’m pretty sure the show stopped airing after that one, since it upset so many kids.

That show was weird. It creeped me out so much, I ended up changing the channel whenever it was on…

I remember reading they got sued for that airing that show because parents complained. Their children actually needed therapy after watching a certain episode. I’m going to try find the article online, but it was in the local newspaper.


Was there an episode that involved a boy and girl stuck in a cave?

Jesus. I think I remember that one. I remember being scared not because there was a monster but just because they were screwed. They were going to die and they knew it.

That’s the one… Wow. They actually got away with airing this stuff? It still gives me the creeps.


I remember this one episode where a guy stole a car off from outside a young couple’s house, but then he returned it to them with an apology and 2 tickets to the theater. So the couple went to the theater, but when they came back home, the guy was waiting there in their house and he gutted them both. Jesus, that episode was messed up!


There was another episode where a kid goes missing or travels back in time and he gets stuck in a jungle. I think he goes through a slide. Anyone remember this?

The one where a kid was doing swimming lessons and got eaten by a shark? It gave me nightmares all thoughout my childhood.

It’s the one at a public pool and he goes down a waterslide that was out of order. The slide leads into a weird forest or jungle and he gets attacked by a caveman. Then he just makes it back through and jumps off the diving board and a giant shark is in the pool and eats him. Man, thanks a lot. Now all I can think about are these creepy shows.


I also remember one where this guy has a sister and she won’t do the dishes. It turns out she’s a robot and he was in the future.

I remember all of this so vividly! Thank you! I’m getting goosebumps remembering all this! The one with the robot sister freaked me out big time. All I remember was being scared as all hell!


Anyone remember that episode with the janitor or cleaner in the school, and it got locked. A group of friends were stuck and they were playing basketball. He passes out and wakes up in the nurses office. Then all the kids get flattened and turned into floor decals??

Oh man. I regret reading this thread. My heart sinks every time someone mentions an episode they remember. Yes I remember now. They were still blinking and one started bleeding from the side of his head.


The worst one I remember was called “party” or something. It was boring at the start. Just a teenage girl doing teenage girl things with her friends at a generic party with balloons, music, dancing, etc. They go to a bouncing castle and start jumping around. Then it reveals that it’s just the girl by herself in a padded cell in a mental institution singing happy birthday to herself.


This show obviously traumatised many people as children, including me. It’s messed up.

Yeah, that show was scary now that I rememeber it… I distinctly remember one episode that was very creepy. It was about a guy who appeared in photographs, and got closer and closer… The main character was a little girl and she found an old poloroid camera. She was taking photos out the window. In the first one she developed, she saw a man in the distance. When she looked out the window, there was nothing there. She took another photo and the guy appeared closer. Looked outside agian, nothing. Took another one, guy was closer again. I don’t remember what happened in the end.

I do. He strangles her to death. then it shows another kid pick up the camera and take a photo with it and he sees the girl who died is in the picture and she’s coming towards him.


Some kids use an elevator and they end up getting stuck in it, then it opens and they fall into some black void or abyss and I’m pretty sure they die. This put me off using elevators for life.


A girl tunes into a random radio station, but it seems that it was made for her. It turns out there is a creepy guy living either under her bed or in her attic and he’s the one who made the radio station.


There was an episode with shopping trolleys. Like the trolleys were possessed and had a mind of their own. The trolley was trying to find its way home. In the end, it brought him to a massive field full of giant trolleys

That man. That man at the end. He gets killed. The giant trolleys smoosh him to death.

The trolley episode was the pilot if I recall correctly. The rest of the episodes aren’t like that at all.

The trolley one was definitely less grim than the rest.

The trolley episode was nothing compared to Face Melt and Helmet Kid.

Face Melt sounds horrifying from how others have described it, but Trolley was seriously in the absurd/hilarious territory.

They’re all like that. They start out “LOL/WTF” then the last scene completely catches you off guard and screws with your mind. The trolley one ends with the guy kicking the trolleys and getting crushed by the giant trolleys.

Junk Mail

In one episode, a girl was delivering junk mail to a creepy house with a “No Junk Mail” sticker on the door. Then one day she goes into the house and the owner puts her into the junk mail machine and shreds her.

Haunted House

There was one about a haunted house in a carnival with a dripping tap.

Right. All I can remember is something about a sink. Were there three kids in the haunted house and they got seperated?

I remember it being one kid. AHHHHHHHH. nonono. He gets close to the sink and a monster starts punching the metal out of shape.

Yes, something was punching the metal sink out of shape, then there was a girl with a really weird voice. Then this really weird monster he runs away from. He manages to get the door open and runs out. And all the “monsters” are outside having a break and the girl takes out the thing that made her voice sound deep and menacing. It seems like it was all just a trick and you think that’s the end, but then it shows the boy in a hospital bed. He has obviously been in some sort of accident because his left arm is nothing but a bandaged stump, so the whole thing was some sort of dream while he was in a coma.


Was there an episode about a bully who goes into this underground meeting with a bunch of bigger bullies and they tell him he’s not up to scratch and he has to do more bullying or they are going to mess him up or something? Then he bullies his sister, but she turns out to be the boss of all the bullies and she ends up putting him in a basketball hoop and everyone starts laughing at him.


I remember one about magic dice that are unlucky or something.

The kid got a set of dice that told you what you wanted to know. At first the kid used it on his math test but then he lost his face for a day. Then his parents used the dice for the lottery and their house burned down.


I vaguely remember two brothers being chased by a creepy clown. Scared the heck out of me.

I also remember something about boys getting chased by a clown. One boy was wearing a cap, and he was running down a corridor. He looks back and the clown’s clothes are colored yellow and purple. This clown is not human, because the animation looks like a dummy with fixed eyes. I also remember a clip where the clown was just standing and moving one arm in a puppet like way. It was also laughing.

More Episodes

What episodes do you remember?

I remember a kid being made to live in world without anyone for eternity.

It’s all coming back to me now. The eyelid man. I don’t even know how they made those children look like that. I’ve been repressing all memories of this show.

Does anyone remember the red door episode?

There was another one about a camp and this green fog came and like messed the kids up.

I REMEMBER THIS SHOW. do you remember the episode of the guy getting his feet licked, thinking it was his dog.

The episodes I remember are:
1. The real estate/alien dissection
2. Two kids suffocating in a cave
3. A kids face falling off after it was eaten
4. A kid with a motorbike helmet having a second face on the back of his head.
5. A kid worried about being bullied about getting braces gets special braces that shoot lasers, at the end he himself becomes the bully for picking on a kid with spectacles, the spectacles turn into cannons and explode and kill the boy.
6. A dummy turns the boy who buys it into a dummy.
7. some sort of screwed up cinema a toddler watches under his bed.
8. A man who stole the eyelids of kids who didn’t go to sleep
The only one that doesn’t ring a bell is the robot one. Sounds freaky though.

It’s all coming back to me now. The brain egg, the weird cinema under the bed…

Does anyone remember that one in the school when they ate the mouse? That scared be so much I was never able to watch another episode.

I really want to find the episode where the boy gets stuck in the photocopier! That was the scariest episode for me.

The costume episode. A nerdy kid with magic braces who becomes a bully and he ends up being killed and disintegrated by another nerdy kid who has lasers shooting out of his glasses.

the one where the kids play on the swing and one of them goes inside, meets guy who talks about his dead kid. Goes back out, other kid is all messed up, says a person came up to them and pushed them off the swing. check the house – all abandoned and grotty, dude was a ghost. Their father picks them up and something implies that he was the one that killed the kid?

scary for kids


  • OMG I remember the swing and creepy house episode. My brother and I have been trying to find this show for years based on that episode. It gave us nightmares for years.

  • Oh my gosh I totally remember this!! It was on tv 2 in NZ when I was a kid! I wasnt even that phased by it, it didnt scar me at all

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