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Deadtime Stories

Deadtime Stories

Deadtime Stories is a horror TV show for kids that airs on Nickelodeon. It is based on a series of books written by ssters Annette and Gina Cascone. The books contain scary stories that are similar to Goosebumps.

Deadtime Stories

Deadtime Stories TV Series

1. Grave Secrets

Amanda Peterson learns that her neighbor has angered the ghost of a young girl and will not rest till she finds her doll which is in the girl’s backyard.

2. Invasion of the Appleheads

Katie and Andy Lawrence learn something while in a apple orchard that long time ago, people were cursed and turned into zombies.

3. Along Came a Spider

When Max and Mikey stumbled upon a science kit, they find out some dead animals in the kit aren’t dead…

4. The Witching Game

When Lindsey Jordan and her friends play the wishing game “Bloody Mary” in front of a strange antique mirror, one by one their wishes start coming true, with horrifying results.

5. The Beast of Baskerville

Adam Riley and his friends are hunted by the man-monster, Jimmy Leeds during a camping trip.

6. Terror in Tiny Town

Willy Tyler learns the horrifying truth behind his last train model, Hurly the Hobo.

7. Revenge of the Goblins

When Nina Russo and her friend, Sammy come upon a creepy old tree in the woods with a door carved into its trunk, they find a little green statue inside holding a luminous ball, and when Sammy removes the ball, he unknowingly opens the door to the goblin world.

8. Grandpa’s Monster Movies

After seeing monster movies in their family reunion, Catan Thomas and Lea Rose learn a disturbingly secret about their family.

9. Ghost Knight

Cody, visiting his G.T. (Grandpa Tom), thought the only excitement will come from crazy Mr. Jeevers, who drives a golf cart very recklesssly and keeps ranting about a “metal-headed murdering madman..

10. Little Magic Shop of Horrors

Peter Newman goes to buy a magic kit in a magic shop and learns that the magic there is real. He accidentally took off Bo Wilson’s head.

11. Who’s Giggling Now?

Deadtime Stories Books

1. Terror in Tiny Town

Train loving Willy Tyler discovers the horrifying truth about the latest addition to his model Tiny Town, Hurly the Hobo.

2. Invasion of the Appleheads

Robin and Andy’s trip through a tourist trap known for its apple orchard turns into a nightmare when their parents are turned into dried apple dolls by an evil witch.

3. Along Came a Spider

Max and Mikey find a science kit filled with insects, one of which is a mutant spider.

4. Ghost Knight

While at his grandfather’s retirement home, Cody discovers an abandoned building haunted by a princess whose parents were killed by a black knight.

5. Revenge of the Goblins

After unintentionally stealing a green ball they found in the woods, Nina Russo and her friend Sammy accidentally open the door to a realm of goblins.

6. Little Magic Shop of Horrors

Peter and Bo sign up for the school’s talent show and buy a magic kit from a strange corner store that included a box that causes Bo to lose his head.

7. It Came from the Deep

Randi and Garret’s vacation is cut short when they learn that the resort they’re staying at is run by sea mutants.

8. Grave Secrets

Amanda learns that her old mean neighbor has angered a ghost of a young girl who will not rest until she has her doll returned—which is in Amanda’s backyard.

9. Mirror, Mirror (The Witching Game)

Lindsey Jordan and Bree Daniels play “Mary Weatherworth” (a “Bloody Mary”-style spirit summoning game) on a mirror haunted by a witch who makes all of her wishes come true—at a horrifying price.

10. Grandpa’s Monster Movies

Catan “C.T.” Thomas and his cousin, Lea Rose attend their family reunion at their grandparent’s farm and learn a particularly disturbing secret about their family after watching some home movies.

11. Nightmare on Planet X

A freak accident knocks an airplane out of the sky and a boy named Nicky (who was on that flight) finds himself on an alien spaceship about to be dissected.

12. Welcome to the Terror-Go-Round

Nothing much happens in Middletown until a strange carnival rolls into town and Alex and Joey take a ride on a merry-go-round that spins them back in time.

13. The Beast of Baskerville

A camping trip goes downhill fast when Adam Riley and their friends are being hunted by the local man-monster, Jimmy Leeds, who lives in a well.

14. Trapped in Tiny Town

Sequel to Terror in Tiny Town, Willy and his friends are sent back to Tiny Town, and must avoid Hurly the Hobo at ALL costs.

15. Cyber Scare

When Roy and Danny’s obnoxious cousin Ernest responds to a suspicious e-mail from someone called Vlad, he is swept into a computer game which Roy and Danny must win, not only to get Ernest out, but to keep from getting trapped themselves.

16. Night of the Pet Zombies

Two boys, David and Eddie use a potion to bring dead pets back from the grave, only to learn what happens when one tampers with life and death…

17. Faerie Tale

Colin and David acquire the ability to see fairies, but the blessing becomes a curse when the fae begin pestering humans.

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