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Terror Academy

Terror Academy

Terror Academy is a series of scary books for teenagers and young adults written by Nicholas Pine.

“Welcome to Central Academy. It’s like any other high school on the outside. But inside, fear stalks the halls and terror is in a class by itself. Located in a small New England town, Central Academy seems like a normal high school. Some unfortunate students are about to discover the dark side of Central Academy and learn firsthand the true meaning of terror.”

Terror Academy

1. Lights Out – When Mandy Roberts’s father dies mysterious, Mandy’s investigation leads her to the frightening halls of Central Academy and to the Academy’s new assistant principal, the man her mother plans to marry.

2. Stalker – Jody’s testimony put Bubba behind bars, but now he’s out and he’s coming back to Central. And he can’t wait for a class reunion.

3. Sixteen Candles – Kelly, Central Academy’s biggest wallflower, has changed, becoming one of Central’s prettiest and most popular students. She is swamped with calls from all the hot-looking guys, but her attraction proves fatal when her dates wind up dead.

4. Spring Break – It’s Spring Break, and Laura would much rather be with her friends than be holed up with her family in a cabin in the middle of nowhere–especially when terror strikes.

Terror Academy

5. The New Kid – Central’s new transfer student is a strange, silent boy…and Nan Easterly is overwhelmed with the feeling she’s met him somewhere before. Something pulls her to him…but her instincts tell her to keep away. For the new kid has a dark past that’s coming back with a vengeance:he’s being stalked by a killer-and Nan might just come between them…

6. Student Body – Amy Wilder is a bright and popular senior at Central Academy. A cheerleader, a straight – A student. and the victim of an attacker. While the police search for clues, Amy’s memory of the attack fades completely. But strange visions warn her that the attacker is about to strike again.

7. Night School – Enrolled in night school classes to improve her grades, Stacey begins to suspect that her class’s instructor, a handsome hunk with a winning smile and whom she has never seen in the daylight, is a vampire.

8. Science Project – Clark Thompson is a nerd–a science whiz who spends his time alone with his secret experiments. When Andrea Hill needs help in biology, Clark offers to tutor her. Then the guys in Andrea’s cool crowd make Clark the butt of a cruel joke. But the joke’s on them when Clark unleashes the things that come to life in his laboratory.

Terror Academy

9. The Prom – A girl goes missing down at Thunder Lake after a graduation party gets out of hand. Now, twenty years on at Central Academy, the past is forgotten…or is it? As Kim Wedman gets the prom committee under way, the fun turns slowly into a terrible nightmare. First it’s the mysterious notes, then the murders begin. As she tracks the crimes, the full horror dawns on Kim…has the killer returned from the past?

10. The In Crowd – With Central Academy suddenly overrun with new students, someone decides to expel the newcomers–permanently–and it is up to Sandy to find the culprit before it is too late.

11. Summer School – She dumped her clean-cut boyfriend for a sleazy biker, but when Eddie plays too rough, Cara tries to dump him. Her walk on the wild side turns to pure terror as Eddie stalks her relentlessly–causing her to break her leg and miss a semester. Now, Cara’s in summer school, and Eddie’s waiting to get revenge.

12. Breaking Up – She’s a rich girl who can have anything she wants. But what Robin Anderson wants is excitement, so she impulsively goes out with Danny, a tough greaser who’s totally out of place in her world. When Robin’s forced to break up with him, someone starts killing off her wealthy friends . . . and Robin’s terrified that Danny’s out for revenge.

Terror Academy

13. The Substitute – Iris Hancock is skinny, pimply, and lonely–probably the biggest loser in school. Then Iris finds a friend in her substitute teacher, Ms. Green, who whips up a magic potion to make Iris beautiful. But now Ms. Green expects Iris to pay her back–by kidnapping a neighbor’s baby and selling it on the black market.

14. School Spirit – The Central Academy Wildcats’ reaction to losing the championship game is out of control. They’ve become sadistic, vicious bullies who terrorize everyone. When several students mysteriously die, cheerleader Cindy Prescott learns that the team is involved–and that she could be the next loser in a deadly game.

15. Boy Crazy – Shannon Riley, a new transfer student, is thrilled when Skip Bradley asks her out. She refuses to listen to the rumors about what happened to his last girlfriend. But their first date turns into a night of terror when Shannon barely escapes with her life. Now she has something planned for Skip that he’ll never forget.

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