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Toys R Us

Toys R Us

A famous ghost photo was taken in a Toys R Us located in Sunnyvale, California. The store was the scene of inexplicable events such as items falling off shelves, strange feelings by employees, cold spots and other strange paranormal happenings.

Toys R Us

The story of the haunted Toys R Us made it’s way to a television show called “That’s Incredible” hosted by Fran Tarkenton, Kathy Lee Crosby and John Davidson. They contacted a local California psychic, Sylvia Brown and professional photographers to document a séance in the store.

Using both infrared and high-speed film, a photographer from Alpha Labs took simultaneous pictures of the empty isle where Brown was attempting to contact the presence of Johnny Johnston, a young boy in love with a local girl. He bled to death after a farm accident and it’s thought that his ghost now haunts the store’s location.

One infrared shot taken clearly shows a ghostly young man leaning against a counter with his hands in his pockets. At the time the photo was taken, nobody was standing in that part of the store and he did not show up on the normal photo that was taken at precisely the same instant!

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