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Haunted School

Haunted School

The Haunted School is a true ghost story about a schoolhouse in Newberryport, Massachusets that was haunted by the ghost of a murdered boy.

Haunted School

Many years ago, there was a small school house for poor children in Newberryport, Massachusets. The school was overcrowded and became a dumping ground for special needs kids and kids with behavior problems. In those days, teachers were very strict and often dealt out harsh discipline.

One day, a young boy did something wrong in class. The teacher flew into a rage, severely beating him and locking him in the basement of the building. The boy was left there the entire day and students were ordered to ignore his cries and moans. When the school day ended, he was helped home by his friends, but later that night, the boy collapsed and died. The teacher didn’t suffer any consequences for his part in the boy’s death and it was all hushed up.

A few years later, the school had a new teacher, a young woman named Miss Perkins. Rumors began to circulate around the town that the school was haunted. One morning, as the schoolboys were reciting their prayers, the room was filled with deafening rapping sounds. Someone was pounding on the school’s door, but when Miss Perkins went to answer it, there was nobody there.

Every day a mysterious yellow glow spread silently over the classroom and a burst of cold air swept through the school. The students and the teacher began to feel weak and ill but they tried to ignore it. Sometimes, they would hear a low-pitched laugh. The eerie sound echoed in the tiny classroom.

The lid of the wood stove would suddenly float into the air, only to come crashing down with a loud bang. The bell on the teacher’s desk would also float up into the air and ring by itself as the students watched in amazement. The janitor was so frightened, he refused to enter the building.

One day, during lessons, Miss Perkins called on a student to stand up and read a passage from a book. In the middle of a sentence, the child suddenly stopped and pointed. There was a disembodied hand floating in the air.

As they watched in horror, a figure gradually materialized. It was a young boy with his arm upraised. The ghostly boy stood there silently, his face and jaw bound in a white cloth as though he had been injured. Then, as Miss Perkins reached out to try and touch him, he slowly vanished before their eyes.

Miss Perkins tried to calm her students down and tell them it was only their imagination, but the children were terrified. The supernatural happenings took a toll on her nerves and eventually wore her down. She was sent on a vacation, and her duties at the school house were permanently given to another teacher.

The haunting inexplicably stopped and the schoolhouse was plagued no more. To this day the strange events have never been explained.

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  • I have seen stuff out of the corner of my eye too like the teacher did I saw a grey person wearing a torn up dress

  • I heard that there’s a place close to where I live that is haunted I don’t know what the place is but it looks like a church I want to go to that place to see

  • My school is haunted. There was a smudge on the window then the next day, IT WAS GONE! I went outside for break time and when I came back there was a mustache and devil horns drawn on my pencil case and a girl called Hannah drew those on my pencil case, there are 200 students in my school and Hannah is not in my class. SHE IS IN YEAR 2!! HAUNTED! HAAAUUUNNNNTTTTTEEEEEEEDDDD!

  • “My school is haunted!!!! My pencil broke and I couldn’t sharpen it!!!!! :O Oooooh, haunteeeeed.”

  • My school is haunted!!!! My pencil broke and I couldn’t sharpen it!!!!! :O Oooooh, haunteeeeed.

  • My old school was haunted! This one time we was sat in our history class and the lights started turning on and off, then my buddy got threw of his chair and his chair got threw out the window by something! Was some real scary stuff :o

  • I think my school is haunted because one time I was doing Bloody Mary with my friends and I saw this girl about my age and she was holding a shotgun. There was another time where I turned the lights off and the SAME girl was there. She had long black hair covering her face, she had the same clothes as me, and she was slowly getting closer to me. Then one time me and my friend were in the bathroom, no one was in there, and I saw a black hand flash on the wall for a second or two. My friend saw it too. And a couple of years ago My friend was leaving the bathroom, NO ONE was in there, and I heard a scream. She ran inside, and the mirror was completely smashed and blood was inside it.

    So pretty much the girls bathroom is haunted and not the school. Just the smaller one.

  • My friend she saw a girl running around outside screaming hysterically and shouting at the top of her lungs “Stay away from me Devil!!”
    It creeped me out O_o

  • Like when i stopped at a place called winmarleigh and in my dorm me and my freinds saw the light flickering in the dorm in the middle of the night then the shower would turn on and the doors fly open ! FrEaKii

  • my old primary school is called De Bohun Primary School and it used to be a mansion until one day a girl called De Bohun was going to the toilet and a man came out with an ax and chopped of her head and theres a massive picture at her and if you apparently look at the picture for too long she gets in your head and makes you have a nightmare about how she died. We also discovered a thing you hide in when there was a war

  • Pretty freaky kinda sound`s like the story in my old school but it was a ghost boy named david in the girls bathroom.

    There is a haunted school in Massachusetts and legend has it that it was actually built right over the real place where they buried the witches who were killed in the Salem witch trials.

    A lot of strange things happened there and a lot of people got hurt. Animals will get spooked by something no one else can see. People will be working with a plant and then it looks as though someone has stepped on it when no one else is there.

    People have also said they have been walking in a really warm spot and then it just get’s cold. And people have seen things…like balls of light floating around in dark areas, doors that fly open even if they are locked, windows that open and shut and the blinds on the windows that have been pulled have been known to come flying up.

    The worst thing that happened was when one of the students, he was a Senior, was standing alone near the window on the third floor of the building. Suddenly he started screaming “Leave me alone! I didnt do anything wrong! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!”

    A teacher ran out of a nearby classroom and saw him swing his fists at the air, and then it seemed as though he was lifted up off of the floor and he went flying out the window. He didn’t survive the fall and the doctors had said he died before he had hit the ground.

    The teacher claims that in the moments she witnessed, she saw a reddish flash out or the corner of her eye, but when she looked directly towards the source of the light, nothing was there.

    No other strange deaths have occured here, but weird things still happen.

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