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Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch

I know the story of the ghost ranch may sound weird to you, but it actually happened to me. About two years ago, I went to camp with friends at the ranch in New Mexico.

We got there and settled into our cabin. We had heard stories about ghosts haunting the old place, but had never believed them.

Ghost Ranch

It was really dark out and looked scary at the camp. Just so you know the camp’s name is Phantom Ranch. Even the name just scares the hell out of me.

That night when we went to bed, we heard something knocking on the window. Then I heard what sounded like someone hammering on the side of the cabin. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone else at the ranch. Just us.

Then all of a sudden we heard the cabin door open and close. I looked over at the door and saw nothing. I was totally freaked out now! I knew it couldn’t have been the wind because the night was completely still and the door was securely closed. Even though we heard it open. It didn’t. We just heard the noise.

We crept towards the window of the cabin and tried to see out into the night. We could see a figure standing way out on the grass in front of the ranch building. Just standing there facing the cabin. Not doing or saying anything.

When we tried to get a camera to take a photo, it was gone. It really freaked us out.

We finally fell asleep. When I woke up, my friend saw footprints outside the cabin. We took a picture of where the figure had been standing during the night.

Ghost Ranch

Later we heard that the ranch was built on the site of an old indian burial ground. Others who had stayed there experienced the same thing we had. They’d also heard the sounds of voices and drumbeats coming across the fields. They said it may have been the ghosts of indians taking part in some ceremony.

I don’t think we’ll be going back to the ghost ranch anytime soon.

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  • Hah that picture is in the broad daylight u can just approach it and say hey there

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