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Ghost Bar

Ghost Bar

If you’re looking for a ghost bar you can find them in Dallas, Las Vegas and Chicago. But the real ghost bar is John Stone’s Inn which is in Ashland, Massachusetts. It is known as the most haunted pub in America and was originally built in 1832.

During a card game between John Stone, three Ashland locals, and a traveling salesman passing through town, tragedy struck. Folklore says that the card game turned ugly when the salesman was accused of cheating, and Stone hit him over the head with the butt of his gun with the intent of knocking him out. Unfortunately, the blow killed the salesman, and the group swore to secrecy that they would hide the body and never speak of it again.

Ghost Bar

Allegedly the body was buried in the basement, but several owners have done some random digging and have found nothing.

Several years ago, sewer pipes were being run to the basement of the building, and the workers broke through the cement wall expecting to find solid ground. Instead they found a hidden room.

Ghost Bar

The second tragedy to take place there was the unfortunate death of a young girl. She was the niece of one of the former employees and was very sick, and she eventually died while being cared for in the inn.

One night, after the ghost bar closed, the bartender went in to the back to change his shirt. As he took his clothes off, he heard the voice of a young girl. He turned, but there was no-one there. He ran out to the main bar but it was empty and the doors were locked.

Other staff have told tales of items being thrown in the kitchen, feeling someone touching them on the shoulder and feeling something invisible brushing past them.

When the owners were renovating an old room, they found a chest hidden in a wardrobe. It had blood stains on it. The waitress who worked there, took the dress home with her. She had a lot strange things happen to her, so she gave it to her boyfriend to store in his house, and he also experienced strange events like being woken up in the middle of the night by ghostly sounds and voices.

Then all hell broke loose. They heard noises, furniture moving, things being thrown around the room. It only stopped when they brought the dress back and returned it to the chest where they found it.

John Stone’s Inn is a hotbed of supernatural activity. Staff, customers, and passers-by all have their own ghost stories to share about this quaint New England restaurant. But remember, if you come for dinner, you may actually be dining with John Stone himself, so raise a glass in his name.

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