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Magnolia Lane

Magnolia Lane

Magnolia Lane Plantation in New Orleans is a haunted place steeped in death, voodoo and evil spirits. It was built back in 1835 at a time when slavery was a way of life.

Magnolia Lane

The slaves at Magnolia Lane practised voodoo, using their magic to place curses on the plantation owners. Today, many people are afraid to set foot on the property because it is still rumored to be cursed. Most of the buildings have mysterious black X marks painted on the walls.

A man named Mr Miller was the Overseer on the plantation during the civil war. When troops came to burn down the plantation, Miller begged them to spare it. The troops shot and killed him in the front yard and buried him in front of the house. Ever since, people have heard ghostly footsteps, disembodied voices and unexplained shouts coming from Miller’s old bedroom.

There is a room in the main plantation house that the family sealed off and everyone is forbidden to enter it. They call it “The Dying Room” because many of the Plantation family members died there under mysterious circumstances. It is rumored that their deaths were caused by the voodoo curses placed on them by the slaves.

In front of Magnolia Lane Plantation house, there is a voodoo altar. Anyone who visits Magnolia Lane must leave an offering on the altar for the spirits to avoid a curse.

Also out front of the plantation house, there is “The Hanging Tree” where slaves were tortured and killed in the olden days. Evil spirits are said to haunt the tree and it is dangerous to go near it.

Magnolia Lane

Magnolia Lane Plantation was featured on the paranormal TV shows Scariest Places On Earth, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

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