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Tales For The Midnight Hour

Tales for the Midnight Hour is a series of horror books for kids written by J.B. Stamper. They were published by Scholastic and are similar to the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Scary Stories for Sleepovers books, containing some stories based on urban legends and folklore.

Tales for the Midnight HourTales for the Midnight Hour

Tales for the Midnight Hour

The Furry Collar
The Black Velvet Ribbon
The Boarder
The Ten Claws
The Jigsaw Puzzle
The Face
The Mirror
The Egyptian Coffin
The Old Plantation
The Train Through Transylvania
The Attic Door
The Tunnel of Terror
The Fortune Teller
The Stuffed Dog
A Free Place to Sleep
The Gooney Birds

More Tales for the Midnight Hour

The Shortcut
The Hearse
At Midnight
The Black Mare
The Love Charm
The Mask
Right Inn
The Collector
A Ghost Story
In the Lantern’s Light
A Night in the Woods

Still More Tales for the Midnight Hour

Cemetery Road
Wax Museum
Words of Warning
Ghost’s Revenge
Special Treat
Magic Vanishing Box
Wait Till Max Comes
Old Beggar Woman
Masked Ball
Snake Charmer
Snipe Hunt

Even More Tales for the Midnight Hour

The Gecko
The Head
Better Late Than Never
The Golden Arm
Dead Man’s Cave
The Midnight Feeding
When Darkness Comes
King of the Cats
The White Dove
Cemetery Hill
Island of Fear

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