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Nightmares was a series of horror novels for young adults written by Nicholas Adams, T.S. Rue, M.C. Sumner, Bebe Faas Rice, Beverly Hastings, Robert Hawks and others.

Horrorscope by Nicholas Adams

Soon she would come. It was written in the stars. Finally Jenny Warren left the protective light of the streetlamp behind. She walked fast, her shoes tapping on the sidewalk. In the shadow of the night, the watcher smiled. His hands tightened their grip on the scarf. “You should have paid attention, Jenny,” he whispered to himself. “Didn’t you read your horoscope today?”

Class Trip by Bebe Faas Rice

When Angie is invited on a biology field trip with the in-crowd, she can hardly believe she’s really been accepted into their group at last. But Shadow Island is a cold, unnerving place. Accidents begin to happen, and one by one they realize there is a killer in their midst.

Deadly Stranger by M.C. Sumner

When Kelly and Lauren sneak off for a ski weekend, their biggest fear is facing their parents when they return. But when they pick up a good-looking hitch-hiker, a trail of horror begins that the girls surely cannot survive. They already know too much and the girls are in for the most horrifying trip of their lives when the handsome hitchhiker turns out to be a demented lunatic intent on killing them.

Nightmare Inn by T.S. Rue

When their car breaks down on the way to Adam’s country house, Sarah, Matt, Adam, and Julie are forced to stay overnight at the spooky Arcadia Inn, where one teen’s nightmare about a gruesome murder seems more than a dream.

Nightmare Inn 2: The Attic by T.S. Rue

Offered a special deal at the new Arcadia Inn, Tessa Gilbert and her three best friends hear blood-curdling screams coming from the attic and are murdered one by one.

Nightmare Inn 3: The Pool by T.S. Rue

Kelly is elated when she lands her dream job as a lifeguard at the New Arcadia Inn pool, but a string of bizarre poolside accidents soon convinces her that someone, or something, is after the lifeguards.

Nightmare Inn 4: Room 13 by T.S. Rue

Erin reluctantly accompanies her family on a summer vacation, during which she meets Sam, the mysterious boy in Room 13 at the Arcadia Inn who is capable of making her wishes come true.

The Teacher by Joseph Locke

High-school students are being murdered at random. Lenny feels sure his new teacher looks familiar, so he goes over to his house to have a look around. What he finds there defies belief, but before he has a chance to tell anyone, the new teacher finds Lenny.

I.O.U by Nicholas Adams

Sharon has the same bad dream every night, in which she’s being chased through the woods by an invisible pursuer. Then she notices the scratches on her arms, the tear in her nightdress. Someone real is trying to harm her, someone who is waiting for an old debt to be paid.

Blood Brothers by Nicholas Adams

His voice was soft and gentle, a whisper. But the command was imperative. “Invite me in, Susan”. Susan felt herself weakening. “Please,” he said, softly and forcefully. She lifted the chain on the door and opened it. A cold terror sliced through her life a knife.

Home Before Dark by Beverly Hastings

“This isn’t the way to my house,” she said, with uncertainty in her voice. “Yes, it is,” he reassured her. Already his heart was thumping a little faster in anticipation. “It’s getting late,” she told him. “I’m supposed to be home before dark.” She felt his heavy forearm across his throat. She screamed, but he just laughed.

At first, a year in Ohio with her aunt and uncle seems like a jail sentence to teenager Sara Langdon – after all, she’s from sunny L.A. The kids accept her with no problems, though, and she soon starts dating the captain of the football team. Then terror strikes, as a killer begins stalking high-school girls.

The Principal by M.C. Sumner

Face to face with a killer. Talli did not run. She knew better than to think she could escape through speed. It wasn’t over. He would be coming for her now. She didn’t think she would have long to wait. She stepped into the house and closed the door. She was surprised to see a fire crackling in the fireplace. With trembling fingers, she unbuttoned her coat and let it drop to the kitchen floor. Then she heard the sound of the door and froze.

Talli McAlister is convinced that her school’s new principal, who has been hired to put an end to gang violence, is up to no good when the school’s biggest troublemakers begin disappearing without a trace…. Principal Volker is tough on discipline, and anyone who steps out of line is summoned to his office, and gets a detention. But no one seems the same afterwards and pupils start disappearing. Talli McAlister knows it has something to do with Volker. She follows him to his house and discover’s he’s a vampire.

The Coach by M.C. Sumner

After destroying the vampire who had been terrorizing Westerberg High and his followers, Talli McAlister faces a new menace from the coach, who will do anything to transform Talli into a vampire on his team.

The Hunger by M.C. Sumner

Chris is still in high school, but his sister is a teacher, and together they move to Westerberg after the death of their parents. Driving into town they notice posters on every telegraph post depicting missing teenagers. Slowly Chris finds out they were killed by vampires.

Her hand grabbed the back of his hair and pulled down. He fell back, his head hitting the floor hard. “Everything okay in there?” Talli yelled from the dining room. She landed on his chest, clamping one hand over his mouth. “Everything’s fine,” she called back to Talli. With a satisfied smile, she leaned down and put her face close to his. “What’s wrong? Afraid of your sweet sister?”

Love You To Death by Bebe Faas Rice

Julie is bored with the usual high school stuff and longs for real excitement. Then sexy and mysterious Quinn falls in love with her, but he won’t allow her to have any other friends. Strange things happen to people who try to hang out with her, strange things like death. Now Julie has more excitement than she can handle. Despite his jealousy, Julie believes that her new love, Quinn, just might be the perfect boyfriend, that is, until her friends begin to disappear.

The Darkroom by Janice Harrell

Laurie is out jogging when she sees someone stuffing a body into the boot of his car. Now she is in danger; she knows too much. Before she can say anything, she is the next victim. The killer takes a photograph of each body, and this proves to be his big mistake.

No Way Out by Beverly Hastings

While babysitting, Rebecca gets a scare when a stranger telephones, breathing deeply and then hanging up. Rebecca feels safer when she takes three-year-old Ethan to the park, where Ethan’s divorced father shows up and offers to give them a ride. But he’s not taking them home. She realizes that he is taking her deep into the woods while a snowstorm gets worse around them.

Dark Moon Legacy: The Curse by Cynthia Blair

Miranda Campbell had a perfect life, ordinary in every aspect. She had great parents, loyal friends, a wonderful boyfriend. But it all fell apart overnight. Her parents split up. Her friends betrayed her out of jealousy. Her boyfriend left her for another girl. Miranda would have fallen into despair if it wasn’t for Garth, the mysterious older guy she falls in love with. But Garth claims he has a secret that will keep them apart forever. Miranda is determined to prove him wrong, and will do whatever it takes.

Dark Moon Legacy 2: The Trap by Cynthia Blair

Miranda is an ordinary high-school girl in love – with a werewolf. She believes her love will be strong enough to help Garth rid himself of his terrible curse.

Dark Moon Legacy 3: The Beast by Cynthia Blair

Miranda is an ordinary high-school girl in love – with a werewolf. Garth has attacked and killed people – only Miranda’s love can save him. But she is being threatened by people at school who suspect her secret – and the killings continue.

Vampire Twins 1: Bloodlines by Janice Harnell

Struggling to cope with their dark vampire legacy, Anne Marie Montclair grieves over her mother’s tragic death, while her twin brother, Paul, is torn between his love for his sister and his hatred toward the father who had abandoned him.

Vampire Twins 2: Bloodlust by Janice Harnell

The thrilling story of a sister and brother torn apart by the unthinkable secret that is their destiny. Horrified by her true nature, Anne Marie denies her cravings. Must she cut herself off from her twin brother to avoid becoming a vampire? Paul plunges into his father’s legacy, but will his new power destroy Anne Marie–and himself?

Vampire Twins 3: Bloodchoice by Janice Harnell

Struggling against her own thirst for blood, Anne Marie is stricken by the recklessness of her brother, whose appetite drives him to commit a terrible crime and makes him target his sister.

Vampire Twins 4: Blood Reunion by Janice Harnell

Their long-dead love is their last chance for survival. Anne Marie and Paul Montclair, sister and brother, tormented and hunted–and torn apart by the unthinkable secret that is their destiny.

Year of the Cat 1: The Dream by Zoe Daniels

Holly Callison arrives at Los Gatos High and hears whispers about the legend of a panther. At night, she begins to dream that she is being hunted by the powerful beast. During the day, she falls under the spell of a dangerous boy named Alex, whose wild nature unlocks the savage nature of Holly’s true self.

Year of the Cat 2: The Hunt by Zoe Daniels

Alex, who lured Holly into the secret cult of the panther, promises to satisfy the dark hunger in her soul. While Jason, steady and caring, has the love and strength to help her tame the beast within. But she cannot resist the power of the ancient rituals now that she is one of the hunters–and Jason is the prey.

Year of the Cat 3: The Amulet by Zoe Daniels

As the blood of the panther runs wild in Holly’s veins, she is divided by her human love and animal hunger. Her boyfriend Alex demands she stay with him in the cult of the panther, while her friend Jason will do anything to help her escape. Now, on prom night, Holly is forced to choose sides–in the final war between predator and prey.

Hall Pass by Robert Hawks

Melissa discovers the diary of a crazed killer who has already murdered several of her classmates and learns that she is Mr. Elliot’s next target.

Summer’s End by Robert Hawks

When her little sister and the other children begin disappearing from the sands of Cape Cod and from the very memories of their loved ones, Amy must find a way to rescue them before the summer comes to a close.

The Substitute by Robert Hawks

Refusing to believe that her beloved teacher’s death was the result of suicide, Kelly Wallis becomes suspicious when a strikingly beautiful substitute teacher arrives, capturing the attention of all the male students.

Night Terrors by Nicole Davidson

Sleep, Maggie… Sleep and confront the terrifying demon of your dreams. Look into the crazed eyes of the knife-wielding madwoman who chases you through the night… Wake, Maggie… Wake up and discover a madness more horrifying than the dreams. A faceless killer who wants you dead before you learn too much… Run, Maggie… Run for your life. But dare not sleep, or trust… anyone.

Dark Visions: The Strange Power by Lisa J. Smith

Eyes that saw what was not meant to be seen. Kaitlyn Fairchild was frightened by her uncanny talent, by the prophetic drawings that isolated her at school. Until she was invited to California, to attend the Zetes institute with four other psychically gifted students, in return for a college scholarship. It was a chance to begin again, to belong; a great adventure, with the promise of romance… with Rob, irresistible, yet strangely innocent… with dark, enigmatic Gabriel. Until they learn the truth about an experiment that threatens their sanity, and their lives. All they have is each other, and a perilous psychic link that can save – or destroy – them all…

Dark Visions 2: The Possessed by Lisa J. Smith

Now, Kaitlyn Fairchild and her four friends have no choice but to follow their own psychic gifts… to a lonely white house on a cliff… and into the terrifying unknown!

Dark Visions 3: The Passion by Lisa J. Smith

Kaitlyn Fairchild and her four psychic friends nearly escape from the evil Mr. Zetes – until Gabriel defects to the Institute. Desperate to break the intimacy of their telepathic link, he becomes the enemy and hunter of Kaitlyn’s group. Rob is determined to destroy Gabriel if he has to…but Kait can’t let that happen. On her own, she leaves her friends and returns to the Institute, pretending to join Mr. Zetes. But when her reckless gamble goes wrong, will Gabriel save her – or betray her again? And when the final battle comes, will Kaitlyn choose Rob or Gabriel – light or darkness?

Fan Mail by Nicole Davidson

“And then you die!” – The grim message is scrawled across the script of the horror film Christina stars in – is it a joke, or for real? While shooting a horror film, of which she is the star, young actress Christina becomes the target of a crazed stalker who threatens to kill her

Dying to Dance by Nicole Davidson

“Did you like Miranda? Do you know of anyone who would want to hurt her?” Try half the school, Carrie thought irreverently, but immediately she was sorry she’d let her brain stoop that low. Miranda might have been selfish, nasty and devious, but she didn’t deserve to get her skull crushed and die when she was only seventeen.

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