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Scream Books

Scream is a horror book series for young adults.

1. Blood Pact

When Jamie Fox and her freinds learn the abandoned train depot where they hang out is about to be demolished, they decide to take action. Forming a “suicide” pact, they sign their names in blood, vowing to kill themselves to keep the depot intact. Of course, they never really intend to carry out the pact… Then, one by one, those who signed the blood pact begin to die. The deaths are labelled suicides, but Jamie suspects her friends are really being murdered. Now she must unmask a cunning killer who’s watching her every move. If she doesn’t, she’ll be the next to die.

2. Deadly Delivery

When a group of bored teenagers indulges in a mail order role-playing game, they unleash a nightmare that disposes of their rivals in acts of murder.

3. Wanted to Rent

Sixteen-year old Christy Baker can’t believe it when her mother tells her they’ll be renting out her bedroom to help make ends meet – it’s totally unfair! But now Christy’s really worried. There’s something about their handsome boarder, Ethan Palmer, that gives her the creeps. Things get even creepier when she finds some strange things hidden in his bedroom. A coiled length of rope… a roll of masking tape… newspaper clippings about recently murdered women. And… a photo of herself! Now Christy is home alone. The downstairs door has just opened. She knows who’s come in – and why he’s there!

4. The Dead Girl

It was amazing the way Julie Forrester resembled her cousin Vicki. She could have practically passed for her twin. Too bad Vicky isn’t alive anymore. But even though she’s dead and buried, Vicky is still a part of Julie’s new life in Colorado. Everywhere Julie goes, she’s mistaken for her dead cousin. And late at ni ght, she has dreams of Vicky reaching out from beyond the grave… trying to come back… Now, with each passing day, Julie fears she’s losing her own identity and becoming someone else. Someone dead.

5. My True Love Gave To Me

Holly Dunn has a twisted secret admirer who plans to give her twelve terrifying holiday gifts and kill her on the last day of the Christmas season.

6. New Year’s Evil

Bran Hatten is big, mean and unpredictable. He’ll pound any guy that crosses his path, and he’s a complete jerk to girls who spurn his affections. Tess Ryan and her friends are looking for options, even those the mysterious new girl at Pembrook High might offer. Charisse Bienville lives in the old dark house at the edge of town, and she’s hinted that she commands powerful magical forces. Tess and her friends join Charisse in a ritual to end Bran’s reign of terror, but they don’t count on what might come afterward.

Charisse seems to have dark goals far beyond making Bran act silly and defusing his bullying. Stealing Tess’s best friend is step one. Stalling Tess’s budding relationship with rebellious Casey is a side effect, and there’s a horrible gift under the Ryan Christmas tree. What Charisse has planned at her New Year’s Eve party everyone plans to attend could be the most terrifying act of all.

As the countdown to New Year’s Eve begins, Tess finds herself in a race against time to unlock ancient mysteries to explain who or what Charisse really is. If she can’t do it before midnight December 31, the results could be cataclysmic.

7. The Admirer

Seventeen-year-old Morgan Hight begins receiving gifts from a secret admirer, but the gifts soon turn nasty when she realizes that he does not just want to love her–he wants to love her to death.

8. The Crush

Obsessed with possessing Michael Warden, a hunk working at Covers, the hottest teen club in Burbank, a crazed young woman will stop at nothing to eliminate all of the competition.

9. The Gift

Veronica Mallory’s father gives her a doll house that looks incredibly real. At first, she’s thrilled with the ancient treasure, but then it beings to have a strange and violent effect on her friends and family. Can she unlock the gift’s dark secrets in time to save those she loves?

The Crush II

Regaining his freedom after being framed for a series of murders, Michael Warden returns home to try to rebuild his life, only to have a new string of killings, bearing a startling resemblance to the earlier crimes, complicate his life.

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