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Nightmare Club

Nightmare Club

The Nightmare Club is a horror book series for young adults. The Night Owl Club is the coolest place to hang out in Cooper Hollow. The kids have renamed it The Nightmare Club because it’s the place where weird and terrifying things happen. But don’t you be scared. Come right in.

1. Joy Ride

Mike, a teen who frequently drinks and drives, finds a kindred spirit at The Night Owl Club–the hottest hangout in town–when he meets a mysterious girl who encourages him to drink and drive.

2. The Initiation

Kimberly Kilpatrick will do anything to fit in at Cooper Riding Academy. So when the hottest clique in the all-girls’ boarding school invites her to join, she turns her back on her boyfriend, Griff. But when kids start drowning in a nearby lake, and she begins dreaming of a murderous water spirit, Kimberly knows she’s in over her head.

3. Warlock Games

The newest cadet at Hudson Military Academy, Mark McIntyre joins fellow cadet Greg Tobias in playing weird and violent pranks on Cooper High, until he discovers that Greg is centuries-old warlock.

4. The Mask

Average looking Sheila Holland feels like an ugly duckling. Then, while looking for a costume for the Nightmare Clubs Halloween party, she finds a weird mask at a local antique barn. When she puts it on, she changes into a real knockout. Soon she’s getting lots of attention – even sexy Ian Montgomery is pursuing her. But when good looking kids start dying, Sheila begins to suspect the horrible truth… The Mask has a guardian called Shadowman. Each time Sheila wears it, he grows stronger. Unless she can resist his seductive magic, she will become a prisoner of his murderous evil forever.

5. The Room

While wandering down a back staircase at the Night Owl Club, teenage prankster Harold “Funny Bone” Fenimore stumbles upon a secret room of teen partiers, and soon he becomes obsessed with The Room.

6. Party Till You Drop

Ellen Sharp finds her secret junkyard party ruined when ancient flesh-eating creatures right out of native American legend crash the party and eat her.

7. Slay Ride

Andrea wishes that Tom Markham and his jock buddies would stop tormenting her with humiliating comments and cruel pranks, and she soon gets her way when an evil Guardian Angel begins murdering the boys.

8. Deadly Stakes

Porter Smith finds that his hobby of running a gambling operation out of the Night Owl Club has turned deadly when a gang of town punks muscle in on the action and encourage Porter to sell drugs.

9. Eternally Yours

Mercedes Amberson falls for the lead singer in a new band, but she does not realize that Conner Egan is actually a two-hundred-year-old vampire seeking a woman’s eternal love.

10. Die Laughing

When his buddies PJ and Ryan play a practical joke on Kelly by abandoning him at the town cemetery, they do not realize that Kelly will return from the experience acting terrifyingly different.

11. Spring Break

Trapped by a storm in Florida’s historic, reportedly haunted Isley Inn, April Mannerly and her friends face a terrifying nightmare as, one by one, they fall victim to vengeful spirits.

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