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Night Frights

Night Frights

Night Frights is a series of horror books for kids written by J.B. Stamper. They were published by Scholastic after the Tales for the Midnight Hour books and are similar to the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books. Each book contains 13 scary stories, some of which are retellings of classic American folklore and urban legends.

Night FrightsNight Frights

Night Frights

Graveyard Dare
Bloody Mary
Cold, Bony Fingers
The Mysterious Visitor
The Witch’s Paw
The Corpse’s Revenge
Coming to Get You
Stop That Coffin
The Stranger
Bloody Bones
Night Woods

More Night Frights

The Vampire’s Grave
The Hook
Two Dead Eyes
The Bloodsucker
Time Was Running Out
Over The Hill
The Hitchhiker
The Blue Coffin
The Bogey
Night Creature
The Thing in the Back Seat
Night Bite
The Red Bandanna

Still More Night Frights

The Club
The Ring
The Other Side
Good Luck Charm
Moans From The Closet
Too Late
What a Night
The Third Wish
Teach Him a Lesson
Trick or Treat

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