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Spine Chillers

Spine Chillers

Spine Chillers was a series of 4 horror books for kids written by Jim Razzi. Each book contained 5 stories and they were similar to the Horror Show books.

Spine ChillersSpine Chillers

1. The Ghost in the Mirror and Other Ghost Stories

Five stories relate encounters with ghosts in haunted buildings, in the ocean, at school, and in a park.

1. The Ghost in the Mirror
2. The 13th Floor
3. Shark
4. Ghost Writing
5. Tommy’s Birthday Present

2. Creature Feature and Other Tales of Horror

A collection of 5 scary stories about creatures of the night.

1. The Last Stop
2. Gargoyle in the Garden
3. The Mummy’s Hand
4. Trick or Treat
5. Creature Feature

3. The Fortune Teller and Other Tales That Terrify

A mechanical gypsy with a mind of its own, a lifeguard ghost, and other ghoulish apparitions haunt the pages of this hair-raising collection guaranteed to leave young readers screaming for more!

1. The Fortune Teller
2. The Lifeguard
3. Magic Potion
4. Nightmare
5. Whistle and I’ll Come

4. The Scream Machine

A roller coaster provides more than just a scary ride, a rock star sends a message to her fans–from the other side of the grave. In all, there are five tantalizing tales of terror not for the faint of heart.

1. The Scream Machine
2. The Fly
3. The Boy with My Face
4. Melanie Sings Forever
5. Death Plays for Keeps

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