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Fright Time

Fright Time

Fright Time was a series of horror books for kids, edited by Rochelle Larkin and Joshua Hanft. Each book contained 3 spine-tingling tales for young readers written by a variety of authors. There were 18 books in the series.

Fright TimeFright Time

Fright Time #1

1. Madman on Main Street by Elaine A. Kule – There’s a new name on Michael’s paper route, but at an old address, the spookiest, scariest house in town! Suddenly, Michael finds he’s dealing with a dangerous fiend. He’s not only captured Michael and his best friends, but the whole town is on the brink of falling into the madman’s fatal hands!

2. Scary Harry by Terry Patrick – There are strange noises coming from his older brother’s room and he’s acting even stranger, Jesse thinks. But does growing long hairy arms and legs mean Harry’s turning into some kind of ape? Yes! And now Jesse’s got to track down the scientist who made it happen… before it’s too late!

3. It’s Almost Dark by Jane Ehlers – Spence’s family are not your usual neighbors. Mrs. K. tells fortunes and Mr. K. writes scary stories. But that’s okay with his best friend, Ben – until the scary creatures start coming to life, attacking and capturing Spence, Ben and the baby they’re watching. Can this be for real?

Fright Time #2

1. The White Phantom by Eve Marko – Is he the most gruesome dog that ever lived, or a ghost protecting the sacred burial grounds? People in the area have only heard his howling, and know the legends. But now his paw prints are on the ridge just above Andy’s house, and a strange girl says she’s seen him. Don’t go above the ridge, folks tell Andy, but he must…

2. Nightmare Neighbors by Sandra Shictman – What’s that blob on the kitchen counter, Matt wants to know. But his mom can’t explain it or the scratch on her face, either. But when a weird new neighbor comes to call, there’s worse on the way. When Matt realizes the newcomers are even after his baby sister, he knows he’s got to do something. But what?

3. Camp Fear by Claudia Vurnakes – The guys from tent seven are just goofing on the beach when a loud explosion splits the air. But that’s just the beginning of their problems. Something, or someone, has put the rest of the camp into suspended animation – everyone that is, except the weird director and his even weirder assistant. Then there’s the ghost. What exactly does he want… or who?

Fright TimeFright Time

Fright Time #3

1. Terror Town by Jack Kelly – When Matt takes over his older brother’s paper route, he takes on something else too, something that has him running for his life. Something that’s turning once normal neighbors into monsters, that’s turning the pre-dawn town into a nightmare. Is that something Matt’s scary new customer – or someone even closer to Matt himself?

2. Medal of Horror by Susan L. Williams – Eric and his kid brother Ben both love to swim, but a near-drowning accident has them both scared, especially when Ben tells Eric someone was pulling him down in the pond near their new home. Only Ben can see the ghost-boy, but Eric knows the strange and scary story is true. Then the other accidents start, accidents too deadly dangerous to ignore!

3. Kid Willie’s Ghost by Paul Buchanan – A haunted baseball park is only the beginning of Jeff’s problems. When the ghost follows him home, the terror really begins! A ballplayer who disappeared twenty years before may be his only hope. But can Jeff find him in time to stop his home-town park from turning into a field of nightmares?

Fright Time #4

1. Don’t Breathe by Roy Nemerson – Ricky is excited when his family suddenly moves to Florida. But the new town is almost too perfect. Everyone is too friendly, too polite, even the kids! And what’s this mysterious stuff being piped through the vents – even in his own house? Maybe it’s just his imagination, Ricky thinks, until he discovers the hideous secret the whole town is hiding. But will it be too late…?

2. Overnight-Mare by Anne Wolfe – The guys are all geared up for an overnight camp out. Jumping a fence into off-limits territory makes it seem even more daring. But nobody’s ready for the ghosts of a long-ago battle who drag the kids into a life or death war to the finish. In the heat of the attack, who’s the real enemy… and who’s even real?

3. It’s in the Attic by Cynthia Blair – Maddy’s friends envy her for living in such a mysterious old house. But Maddy’s not so sure. Not when candles blow themselves out, stairs creak when there’s nobody on them, and a strange haunted voice calls out for help. But when Maddy starts to speak in the voice of the ghost, can anyone help her?

Fright TimeFright Time

Fright Time #5

1. Forest Of Fear by Anne Wolfe
Mike’s sister thinks the strange light from the sky is a shooting star. But when they leave their farmhouse to see, they find themselves in the grip of powerful creatures who have just landed in search of human specimens. Mike must battle them with everything he’s got… plus a lot of things he didn’t start out with!

2. Ghost Twin by Mark Valadez
Peter always wondered about Charlie, his twin who had died at birth, until the day Charlie shows up… in Peter’s mirror. From then on, the terror never quits, as Charlie tries to take over Peter’s life and send Peter to the world he came from, to switch places between the living and the dead! But can Peter destroy the ghost of his own brother – even to save his own life?

3. Something’s In The Sewer by Shannon Donnelly
It’s noisy, it’s smelly, and it’s coming after Tony – but no one will believe it’s there. Only Sheldon, who’s actually seen the creature, if that’s what it is. Meanwhile kids are disappearing and the boys have got to find them, to prove there is danger lurking in the sewer, threatening the whole town. But really going down there, that’s something else…

Fright Time #6

1. Night Creatures by Shannon Donnelly
Warren hates moving. He hates new neighborhoods. But when he sees what’s in the yard next door, hate turns to fear, deadly fear. As an elderly neighbor is taken to the hospital, the creature-like plants in the old man’s yard come alive, attacking everything and everyone. Can Warren destroy them or will he be the next victim of the night creatures?

2. Who Am I? by Roy Nemerson
It’s not your everyday nightmare. You get up, get ready for school, go downstairs for breakfast. Only your parents don’t know who you are, and neither do your friends, or your teachers. Or anyone. The hospital has no record of your birth, and the police believe everybody – except you! How do you get out of this one?

3. Cemetary School by Grace Williams
Randy’s school is falling apart. The strange thing is, it’s brand new! But as each day something else goes wrong, horribly wrong, Randy and his pal Eric become convinced the causes are not natural, they’re supernatural. But nobody’s going to believe them until they themselves stop the horror… unless something horrible happens to them first!

Fright Time #7

1. Come to the Fear
2. Trapped!
3. Time for Terror

Fright Time #8

1. Zombie Zone
2. Aftershock
3. This Evil Island

Fright Time #9

1. Out of the Dark
2. It Hunts By Night!
3. Keeper of the Tombs

Fright Time #10

1. Creatures from the Ice
2. Dead End Drive-In!
3. Strange Exchange

Fright Time #11

1. Hotel Horror
2. It’s Really Me!
3. And Creep County

Fright Time #12

1. The Gravechangers
2. Haunting at Howling Oak
3. The House in the Mist

Fright Time #13

1. Trick of Terror
2. The Haunted Hollow
3. Don’t Go Down There

Fright Time #14

1. Eye of the Spider
2. Strike Up the Fear
3. Cave of No Return

Fright Time #15

1. Terror-go-round
2. Night Shocker
3. It’s After Me!

Fright Time #16

1. Monster Bill’s Revenge
2. Gore Tour
3. Back From The Dead

Fright Time #17

1. Dead of the Night
2. The Final Fear
3. No Way Out!

Fright Time #18

1. Escape from Evil
2. Dead-Lines
3. It Knows We’re Here

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