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Horror Show

Horror Show

Horror Show was a series of scary books for kids written by Richard Brightfield and Jim Razzi. Each book contained 3 or 4 short scary stories and were published by Troll Associates. A mummy who haunts the museum hallways, a meat-eating plant that consumes a pet cat, a mirror that houses all the evils in the world, ghosts that frequent a playground, and a typewriter that types tragedies that come true are just a spooky sampling of the indistinctive, somewhat scary tales in this series.

Horror ShowHorror Show

Terror in the Mirror and Other Stories

Author: Jim Razzi

Terror in the Mirror
Howling Success
The Girl on the Road

The Haunted Playground and Other Stories

Author: Jim Razzi

Presents three scary stories about a haunted playground, an Egyptian mummy, and a man-eating plant.

Haunted playground

Take your place as the Horror Show begins. . .

Step into the haunted playground. . .

The swing will take you for a wild ride, and invisible ghosts will give you a push on the slide. Melanie has seen strange happenings in the park, but she doesn’t want to believe the place is haunted.

Her summer fun turns to panic when she’s tuck in the creepy playground after dark. Face to face with the restless ghost of a young boy, Melanie learns the true meaning of terror–and courage.

Meet a mummy with a vengeance. . .

Kevin has always loved to explore the exhibits at the museum. The new mummy’s really neat–and Kevin can’t resist borrowing the amulet he finds in the mummy’s coffin. But he discovers that ancient curses don’t die. . . and maybe mummies don’t, either!

Keep your fingers away from Marvin. . .

Steven’s genuine, meat-eating plant loves hamburgers and steak. But when Aunt Mathilda comes to visit, she forces everyone in the house on a vegetarian diet. Steven can put up with eggplant and oatmeal and carrots for a few weeks, but his plant is beginning to starve. Who will be Marvin’s next meal?

Enjoy the show. . . if you dare.

The Gruesome Guests and Other Stories

Author: Richard Brightfield

Presents four scary stories involving a spooky lighthouse, a phantom mask, a haunted house, and a mysterious photograph.

The Gruesome Guests
The Leaping Phantom of Menlo Park
The Mysterious Lights
The Stranger

Murder Comes to Life and Other Stories

Author: Richard Brightfield

Murder Comes to Life
The Haunted Bicycle
A Shrinking Experience
The Truthful Locket

You’re Just In Time For The Horror Show…

Watch Pam’s dream machine turn into a nightmare.

Pam is thrilled to inherit her uncle’s old typewriter. Her fingers fly over the keys. Her imagination runs wild. — But every time Pam makes up a story, it come true! Suddenly she finds herself creating terrifying events. And the next scene she writes could be her last!

Take a wild ride on Tommy’s bike.

Tommy dreams of winning the big bike race. His only hope is a rickety bike, no match for the sleek bicycles the other kids have. But Tommy’s bike has one special feature. It talks to him!


Greg’s a shrimp, but he’s sick of getting picked on by Sham and his nasty gang. Then Greg finds an ad for Finger Power, a magic curse guaranteed to shrink your enemies down to size. The only problem is, the curse works too well!

Don’t touch that locket.

It was supposed to be a birthday present for his mom. But before Jimmy can give it to her, he discovers the locket’s real power. It makes you tell the truth!

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