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Scary Sea Stories

Scary Sea Stories

Scary Sea Stories were a series of horror anthology books for kids and written by Jonathan Schmidt and Mark Kehl. They contained spooky stories about phantom ships, sea monsters, cursed treasure chests, ghostly mermaids and killer sharks. They were published in the same series as the Scary Stories for Sleepovers books.

Scary Sea StoriesScary Sea Stories

Scary Sea Stories Vol.1

1. Miller’s Point
2. Dare
3. Eyes
4. Dream of Amy Knight
5. Predator
6. You’ll Be Sorry
7. Most Beautiful Day of the Year

In one story, Mitch and his dad move to a tiny island off the coast of Maine, where they find the entire fishing village of Nansing practically enslaved by its fear of Brundel, a sea monster thought to live in the frigid waters off shore. Mitch and his dad fight to bring the island into the 20th century and do away with the bizarre rituals islanders believe keep the monster at bay. They succeed, and the price of their success is sheer, unbridled terror.

Scary Sea Stories Vol.2

1. Overboard
2. Nature’s Revenge
3. The Lighthouse
4. The Mermaid’s Kiss
5. The Off-Season
6. Island of Terror
7. Shell Raiser
8. Blackheart’s Treasure

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