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Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Special Delivery is a scary story about a boy who grows mushrooms in his basement. It is based on an old episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents which was, in turn, based on an old short story by Ray Bradbury.

Special Delivery

It was Monday morning and Bill Farnum was getting ready to go to work. While his wife was cooking breakfast, he heard the doorbell ring. When he answered the door, the postman was standing there with a package.

“Special delivery,” he said.

The package was addressed to his son, Tommy. Bill signed for it and took it inside. Tommy came racing down the stairs.

“Oh boy!” he shouted. “It’s finally here!”

“What is it?” asked Bill.

“Mushrooms!” Tommy replied as he grabbed the package and started opening it.

“Mushrooms?” asked Bill.

“You grow them in your basement,” Tommy explained. “All the kids are doing it. The best thing about them is they grow really fast and they’re supposed to be delicious.”

Later that morning, as he drove to work, Bill turned on the radio.

The host of the radio show was talking about conspiracy theories. A woman called in and started babbling about aliens trying to take over the earth. The host was making fun of her and telling her she was crazy.

At work, Bill noticed that one of his co-workers was eating mushrooms for lunch.

“Where did you get them?” he asked.

“My son grew them in the basement,” his co-worker replied. “They’re delicious.”

That evening, as he drove home from work, Bill noticed several new stalls set up by the roadside. All of them were selling mushrooms.

When Bill arrived home and opened the door, Tommy came rushing up the basement stairs carrying a box filled with earth.

“How are your mushrooms coming along?” asked Bill.

“Good,” said Tommy. “Only 8 hours and they’re already getting big.”

After dinner, Bill settled down in his armchair to read the newspaper. Then, he noticed something strange. On every page of the newspaper, there was an advertisement for mushrooms.

That night, after his wife and son went to bed, Bill stayed up watching TV. There was a story on the news about a meteor that had landed in a forest a few days ago. Scientists were still examining it.

Bill decided to go to bed, but just as he was about to climb the stairs, he heard a noise in the basement. He opened the basement door and stared down into the darkness.

“Who’s there?” he asked.

There was no answer.

“Tommy?” he asked.

There was no answer.

“Is that you down there, Tommy?” he asked.

There was no answer.

Bill reached out for the light switch.

All of a sudden, a voice came from the darkness. “Don’t turn on the light, Dad… It’s bad for the mushrooms.”

Bill took his fingers off the switch and stared down into the blackness.

“What are you doing down there, Son?” he asked. “I thought you went to bed.”

“Taking care of the mushrooms,” said Tommy.

“But it’s after midnight,” said Bill nervously. “You should be in bed. Come up from there.”

There was a long silence. Bill felt himself break out into a sweat.

“What are you doing with those mushrooms?” he asked.

After a long pause the boy replied from below. “I want you and Mom to eat them. They’re delicious.”

Bill felt his hands start to shake. A shiver rolled down his spine.

“You haven’t eaten the mushrooms yourself, have you, Tommy?” he asked.

“I’m eating them now,” said Tommy. “You want some, don’t you?”

Bill didn’t answer. His knees growing weak and he felt sick to his stomach.

“You’re hungry,” Tommy said softly. “Come down and eat some mushrooms.”

Bill felt the doorknob slip in his sweaty hand.

“Dad?” called Tommy softly. “I want you to eat the mushrooms. Come down. They’re delicious.”

Almost against his will, Bill stepped down into the darkness and closed the door behind him.

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    While Bill was walking down the basement stairs he was thinking ” NO! IM NOT GOING DOWN HERE!!!” But one part of this brain was telling him that but the rest was telling him to go down the basement to eat the ” delicious” mushrooms . Then his mind lured him down the stairs . At the foot of the last stairs Bill stepped on the teared caps and stems of the mushrooms in the dark . Bill grew suspicious .

    ” Dad come and taste the mushrooms” Tommy said.

    ” Son , where are you?!” Bill called out to Tommy

    ” Over here . Come taste the mushrooms”

    ” TOMMY WHERE!!!????? TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE!! NOW!!!” Screamed Bill.

    ” COME TASTE THE MUSHROOMS FIRST !!” In a demanding voice .

    ” Son tell me where you are . If you don’t tell me where you are i can’t taste the mushrooms”

    Then Bill’s mind told him the mushrooms are near you . Bill looked around . Then he looked behind him. He gasped in horror.

    There was about 2,000 mushrooms on 10 tables and there was only 5 more tables left with mushrooms. The most scariest thing he saw was his son. Tommy was covered with moss and mushrooms . his face looked like he was a kindergardener that colored this face with green marker. ” I saved you 5 tables of mushrooms , i hope you LOVE them .” All of the sudden bill’s mind told thim to eat the mudhrooms. He did .

    I dont think this was scary i thought it was sucky so i dont care about if you guys think neggative things bout my post but .. yea.. tell me how u think guys

  • OHH, I get it. Its rather interesting, so basically what I think happened was some how the mushrooms contained some type of alien spore/genetic coding/parasite that took control over the person who ate the mushroom. It makes sense because they were talking about alien conspiracy theories in the beginning and how they’re going to take over the world. Basically the mushrooms contain the aliens themselves which then take control of the person who ate them.

    Good story btw.

  • Superb! I’ts like the creature down there was not bill’s son but some alien or other creature. A chill ran down my spine when i read this. It has got some hidden meanings. If we read 3 or more times or examine the story properly we can find the meaning. That’s the part which is fun to do.

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