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Spangler’s Spring in Gettysburg is supposed to be haunted by a Woman in White. The woman is said to have committed suicide after her fiance broke off their relationship.


There are many reports of the Woman in White, but the one this show relates involves two nurses who were in the park at night, looking for evidence of the natural and supernatural. They definitely found the later when they pulled their car over by Spangler’s Spring, when after a bit of sitting in the dark, they heard a “popping sound” and saw mist rise from behind a tree and form into the shape of a Woman dressed in White. One of the women felt intense sadness, but the other was afraid, and convinced her friend to drive away.

Another group of tourists visited Spangler’s Spring and noticed movement behind some boulders near the road. Three Confederate soldiers were crossing the road and one was carrying the body of a dead comrade over his shoulder. They were moving at a rapid pace from right to left. The tourists became very excited and drove their car towards the apparitions, but as the ghostly figures neared the tree line, they suddenly disappeared. After a few minutes of silence and shocked disbelief, the group of tourists returned to Gettysburg where they recounted what they had experienced.

scary for kids

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