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Rose Farm

Rose Farm

Rose Farm, located outside of Gettysburg, was a makeshift hospital after the battle. Rose Farm took in a huge number of injured and dead soldiers, and most of the dead were buried outside in rows.

Rose Farm

To this day, Rose Farm is still haunted by the ghosts of these fallen soldiers. A woman who lived in the farmhouse saw the walls turn red as blood streamed down them. Residents usually warn people not to visit Rose Farm and the nearby Devil’s Den.

Another story concerns a man who worked at the Rose Farm. He was returning home one evening, shortly after dark, and saw a strange glowing shape appear near the graves of the slain soldiers.

A woman visiting the farm recently saw the ghostly forms of two soldiers in civil war uniforms standing in the field outside the house. She said the figures did not move and simply stood there staring at her. After 3 or 4 minutes, the figures just disappeared into thin air. When the woman checked later on, she discovered the area where she had seen the strange figures figures contained the unmarked graves of dead soldiers.

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