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Iroquois Park in Louisville, Kentucky is reportedly haunted by the headless ghost of a woman. The park is made up of a knob rising 250 feet, covered with old growth forest.


A man who visited Iroquois Park, said he saw a thick fog rolling in from nowhere. Then he started to hear the barking of a dog and he could detect the strong smell of smoke in the air.

“So there I was, in the middle of this dark road all alone with something over in the road and I couldn’t figure out what it was. So being kind of foolish, I went over to the woods to investigate. At first, I didn’t hear anything, and then I heard footsteps coming towards me. And they came closer and closer and still i didn’t see anything.”

All of a sudden, out of the mist, a figure appeared walking towards him. It seemed to be a woman dressed in early 1800s settlement clothes.

“Then I felt some cold chills going down my backbone, and I turned around, and I looked, and there she stood. The famous headless lady of Iroquois Park.”

As she walked towards him, through the park, he realized she was holding her head in her hands and the blood was flowing from her severed neck.

“I didn’t know what to do at first, because all I could see was a woman holding her head in her hands with blood dripping out. I guess I was terrified. I don’t know. But I ran like a madman until I finally got away from there.”

Some suspect that she is the ghost of a farmers wife who settled with her husband in the area where the park is now located. As the story goes, one night while her husband was in town on business, an Indian tribe attempted to sneak up on the homestead and ransack it.

First, they silenced the family dog by slitting its throat. They then rushed into the house and caught the woman unawares. Grabbing her roughly, they dragged her outside and, as she screamed and screamed, they beheaded her and left her dead body lying where it fell. The Indian tribe proceeded to set fire to the house in an attempt to cover up what they had done.

A number of murders have happened in Iroquois Park over the years and some people say they are connected to the headless woman whose ghost roams the park.

scary for kids


  • @fragileguilt boi that is creepy. When did that happen? But you know what the breathing thing was? That is so creepy. Oh poor dog I have one and the other 2 died so dieing dogs makes me sad 😢

  • I live in Louisville, not far from that park. I’ve been through there on foot at night and in the car and I do paranormal investigations and I have to say I have (although heard of the story) have never seen a headless woman.

    NOW this is what I have experienced.

    We were testing out white noise so we did this for about three weeks. We used a AM radio station the most static possible to ensure there wouldn’t be much interference from any other radio station and we drove through. The first few times we experienced nothing. But then I started to hear something, heavy breathing coming from the radio.

    I never said anything because I thought perhaps I was trying to hear something and I actually was. But when it was finally brought to my attention that the others were hearing the same thing, I started to pay more attention. I played with the radio to ensure that it wasn’t another station seeping in and when we ruled that out, we decided to try to communicate.

    We tried for a couple of days and got no response. But as they days went, the sound became more apparent that the heavy breathing we were hearing had to came with running. And it was the end of the week we started hearing a female whisper “Oh god.” and “Help.” And “Do you see him? He’s here.”

    We came home and I did more research, the strongest the signal came from is toward the horse ranch area they have now. I did find out there was a story, a true one, a actual newspaper article was on it, that a couple of joggers had found the body of a woman who had been raped and murdered right where we were driving and getting those sounds from.

    My team and I later went back after getting permission from authorities that are based in the park, to look around on foot and we tried to offer as much aid as we possibly could to help her find her way. Now I’ve heard stories of people experiencing similar things to what myself and my team had experienced those nights, but I have never, to this day, have heard her pleas.

    I’m still looking for the headless woman though!

  • that’s creepy but the part where he ran like a madman was pretty funny i guess? xD and that poor dog :(

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