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Kings Park

Kings Park

Kings Park Psychiatric Center is an abandoned mental home in New York that is believed to be haunted. It was built in 1885 to treat the insane and mentally ill. At that time, it was called Kings Park Lunatic Asylum.

Kings Park

The mental patients endured horrible medical procedures like brain lobotomies and electric shock treatment. It is rumored that many patients were either murdered by other inmates and their deaths were covered up by the staff. Other unfortunate mental patients are said to have wandered off and became lost in the large wooded areas that surround the hospital grounds never to be found again.

It is also said many patients drowned in the nearby Long Island sound and were simply listed as missing and never heard from again. In 1996, the collossal mental home was shut down and it has lain abandoned ever since.

Many people believe that Kings Park is infested by the ghosts of the tormented souls who lived and died there. In the tunnels beneath Kings Park, people say they have discovered the remains of secret torture chambers where patients were kept against their will. People have also reported seeing ghostly figures roaming around the tunnels and hearing strange sounds of moaning and screaming coming from the underground maze of passageways.

Kings Park

Building 93 is the largest building in Kings Park and people call it the Beating Heart of the Asylum. It is 13 stories high and housed most of the mental patients when the hospital was in use. Many trespassers say they have seen ghostly faces staring at them through the many windows of Building 93.

A group of teenagers broke into the property and one of them was brave enough to climb into the Building 93 to explore. He became disoriented in the darkness and couldn’t find his way out again. He ran through the rotting hallways screaming and banging on the boarded up windows for hours until he eventually found an unlocked door and managed to get out. When he looked back, he saw a warning sprayed on the door that read “Evil Inside”.

Kings Park

A man who was exploring the darkened tunnels under Kings Park thought he was walking through puddles of water. When he came out into the light, he realized his shoes were covered in blood.

Some people heard the sound of sobbing coming from Building 13, also called Wisteria House. Others have seen a ghostly figure in white haunting the burial grounds. It even chased them out of the park.

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