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Hell House

Hell House

Hell House, also known as “The Satan House” or “The Witch House”, is a private residence located somewhere in Massapequa, Long Island. The striking and eerie design of the home has inspired many scary myths and legends. However, none of them are true.

Hell House

Hell House is just plain freaky to look at, even in broad daylight. The house is extremely old and appears like a cemetery due to the imposing black metal fence and wrought-iron gates that surround the entire house. The sidewalk outside is painted black and the pavement inside the chained-up metal fence is painted red. Sometimes a long black hearse is parked outside.

The exterior of the house is red brick, and the design of the turrets and windows make the front of the house look like a giant blood-red devil face, complete with horns and an evil grin. The odd architecture has led to outrageous stories being told about the house. Some people say that the windows are covered with the lining of coffins and the inside contains satanic altars. Other people say they have seen a ghostly figure with long black hair and dressed in black robes, looking out of the windows.

In actual fact, the house is owned by a nice, normal Christian family. They say that the legends are not true and they are unhappy with all the attention the house receives from local teenagers. The family has been the victim of vandals in the past, so if you happen to be passing by “Hell House”, admire the cool architecture but do not bother the people who live there. They have a right to be left alone and the police will arrest you if you are seen lingering outside their home.

According to the legends, if you drive by Hell House at night, you will see candles in the windows. The number of lit candles in the windows is supposed to match the number of people in your car. Seeing the candles is said to be extremely bad luck for everyone in the car.

In one story, a group of teenagers decided to test out the legend. There were four of them in a car and they drove up to the house and parked outside. They turned off the engine and sat in silence, staring at the house for some time. Suddenly, they noticed a flickering light in one of the upstairs windows. Looking closer, they saw a candle burning there. Then there was another flickering light in one of the downstairs windows. When a third candle suddenly appeared in another upstairs window, one of the teenagers screamed “Let’s get out of here”. They started up their car and sped off down the road before a fourth candle could light up.

Of course, this is just a story. Those who have tested it out say that the number of candles never matches the number of people in the car.

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  • Oh my gosh I was just listening to Burn from Hamilton and I thought my mom was asleep but I guess I was singing along loudly and she just came into my room. I think I could be an actress, if you get meh gist Lol XDDD

  • I’d move from that house if I lived there. That’s awful attention. Also I like how it mentions that they’re Christian.

  • I remember going there back in like 1987. The dude who owned the house was pretty chill. He had a sweet olds 442 in the driveway. It’s was a total gimick. Sidewalks painted black, candles in the windows. Pretty cool spot.

  • Um how can we right a story .. I dont know how but im going to make one up
    Ribion girl

    There was a girl she was new and she was lonley untill she fell in love with a lovey handsome boy . Every day the boy would ask the girl why do u have a ribon around your neck ?. Then after years went by they got married then they had grandkids . And one night the lady was dieing with only minites left she sat up and said to her husband now i can tell u y i always had a ribon around my neck she pulled it off and her head fell off …

  • There’s a “Hell House” near where I live where a bunch of girls were murdered a long time ago, now it’s too dangerous to go explore because there are some insane homeless people around there and satanic cults like it there, not to mention you’ll get arrested if you get caught. But it’s actually a haunted, abandoned building. Not someone’s house.

  • If you look in the bottom left hand corner you can see something strange.

  • I feel sorry for the people who live there because everyone gives them heck about their house. I honestly like it.

  • That’s cool. It’s sad that it’s just a legend but it would still be awesome to live on the same block as that house!

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