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Sorrel Weed

Sorrel Weed

The Sorrel Weed House is said to be one of the most haunted places in Savannah, Georgia. It was investigated by Ghost Hunters in 2005.

Sorrel Weed House

The Sorrel Weed House was said to have housed a young female slave who was murdered by a member of the Sorrel family. People claim to see ghostly figures in the windows and hear disembodied voices inside the house.

A woman who visited the Sorrel Weed House saw the dark shadowy figure of a person cowering on the ground while another shadowy figure appeared to be whipping them. To this day, she believes that she saw the ghost of a slave being whipped by the ghost of a slave master.

In the basement of the house, you can find The Voodoo Room. This is where the slaves were kept years ago. Many of the visitors claim that they feel sick when they enter the room, and have to leave immediately. Others say they have experienced the feeling of someone standing right behind them.

There was even a suicide in the house in 1861. Mrs Sorrel discovered her husband was having an affair with one of his female slaves, a young black girl named Molly. Mrs Sorrel went out of her mind and jumped to her death from the second floor porch. As the story goes, two weeks later Molly was found hanging from the rafters of her room in the Carriage House building outside. Nobody knows if she committed suicide or was murdered by Mr Sorrel.

This may explain why the Sorrel Weed House is haunted. They say the ghosts of Mrs Sorrel and Molly still haunt the old building. Those who tour the place say that the pressure you feel when you walk into the home is so strong that it feels like you can’t breathe as you are walking up the stairs.

In 2005, the Sorrel Weed House was featured on the paranormal TV show Ghost Hunters. Their investigation turned up some convincing evidence that the house is indeed haunted. They caught an EVP recording of the disembodied voice of a woman screaming “Get out! Get out! Help me, my God, my God!”

The question is, was it the voice of Molly or Mrs Sorrel?

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