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AnnaSophia Robb

AnnaSophia Robb

AnnaSophia Robb is a young actress who starred in the horror movie The Reaping. While on the set of the movie, she wrote a scary story called “Back Seat Swamp”, which you can read below. You can also watch the video she made where she reads her story out loud. If AnnaSophia Robb can do it, so can you.

Back Seat Swamp by AnnaSophia Robb

It is night and a car is speeding down the highway. In the back seat is a young girl named Hope. In front are her mother and father.

Hope looks out the window. She watches the rain, thunder and lightning pound down. She yawns and snuggles up to her Moshie pillow and her soft blanket. Hope falls asleep to the sound of the rain against the windshield wipers and her parents’ quiet conversation.

Hope suddenly wakes up to the sound of screeching rubber and the car careening over the guard rail, speeding towards the swamp below. Hope screams. A window breaks. The shattered glass cuts her on the forearm. The car crashes into the water and Hope is desperately scrambling to find a way out.

Hope comes up, gasping for air. She takes a look around for her parents. They’re both gone. There’s a heavy forest and swamp all around. Red eyes glare at her.

Hope trudges through the mud and walks straight into a gooey spider web. She screams. The she sees an alligator staring at her, its cold eyes anticipating its next meal. She struggles to find a weapon of some sort. Finally she finds a stick she can use as a batter in the muddy goop.

As the gator is about to take a chomp, hope yanks up the cudgel and bashes the alligator right on the nose. Hope scrambles away from the alligator to find a safer vantage spot. Hungry and desperate she wades through the silt.

Mosquitos are buzzing all around Hope. She tosses her arms around, batting away bugs. She looks up to see a white fluffy platform just above the water. It looks safe and inviting. Hope slowly inches her way up to the white fluffy area. The look of comfort and relief washes across her face. Exhausted, she plunks into her safe haven. As she closes her eyes, she hears a crack and the nest begins to crumble. She screams as the mess descends into the water and sees the hungry jaws of alligators.

She squeezes her eyes tightly shut. Everything goes fuzzy until she hears her mother’s voice gently speaking, saying “Hope! Hope! Wake up!”

It was only a bad dream. Hope sighs with relief as she wakes up. She smiles at her mother, then looks out of the window of the car. Thunder claps in the sky. Her face turns from relaxed to terrified as she hears rubber screeching and the car careening off the road into the guard rail towards the swamp.

Hope screams. Her parents are nowhere in sight.

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