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Black Dagger

Black Dagger

The Black Dagger is a spooky story about a young man and a young woman in love and the uncle that tries to put a stop to their romance.

Black Dagger

There was once a young man who fell in love with a girl named Rose, who lived on the other side of town. She was a very beautiful young woman and she lived with her uncle in a small house next to the old stone bridge.

Every evening, the young man would show up outside her house and tap on her window. When she opened the window, he would throw a red rose to her.

“A beautiful rose for beautiful Rose”, he would say. As their meetings grew more frequent, the girl found herself falling in love with the young man. He was so handsome and romantic that she could hardly resist his charming manner.

She kept every rose he gave her and put them in a vase in her bedroom. Her uncle was not so impressed by the young man and asked his niece what she knew about him. She told her uncle that her new boyfriend was a lovely young man who was kind and gentle and knew how to treat a girl.

But the uncle wanted to find out more about this young man, so he asked around town to see what he could discover. His friends said they had heard very bad things about the young man. They had seen him gambling and drinking late into the night and he was even known to get into violent arguments with strangers. Some had even seen the man brandishing a black dagger and threatening people with it. According to them, the young man was a very dangerous individual.

The girl’s uncle was shocked and dismayed. He hurried home and told his niece he could never approve of anyone who would behave in such a horrible manner. Her boyfriend was a thug and he banned her from going out with him.

The very next evening, when the young man arrived at her window, the girl told him that her uncle was insisting that she stop seeing him. The young man tried to give her another rose but she refused, saying she had to break up with him and they could never see each other again.

The young man was furious. He couldn’t understand why the girl’s uncle was keeping them apart. That night, he went out on the town, drinking and gambling as usual. He argued with his friends and picked a fight with another patron in the bar he frequented. He beat the poor man senseless, taking out his frustration on an innocent person. But he could not forget the lovely young girl.

Finally he decided to talk to the girl’s uncle himself and see if he could change the old man’s mind. He hurried down the road, and when he was halfway across the arched stone bridge, he met the uncle who was on his way home.

No matter what the young man said, the uncle would not alter his views. He told the young man to stay away from his niece. This made the young man so angry that he pulled out his black dagger and threatened the old man. There was a brief struggle and the young man overpowered the uncle. He was crazed with a violent rage and in a fit of madness, he lost his temper and stabbed the uncle in the head, right there on the bridge. The uncle was killed instantly and his body fell to the ground, with the dagger still embedded in his skull.

The young man grasped the dagger and tried to pull it out. His initials were engraved on the handle. If the police found the dagger, they would know who the murderer was. When he couldn’t wrench it loose, he braced his foot against the old man’s chest and pulled even harder, but the dagger wouldn’t budge.

The young man was still desperately pulling on the dagger when he heard footsteps coming down the road. In a panic, he shoved the dead body off the bridge and it dropped into the water below with a splash. Then the young man rushed back to his house and jumped into bed, terrified that the body would be found and his horrible crime would be discovered.

He kept a low profile for weeks, fearing every knock on the door. But when the police didn’t show up to arrest him, he began to feel that he had gotten away with murder. He went back to his old lifestyle, drinking and gambling with his friends again.

Months later he decided it would be safe to visit the young girl again. He hurried down the road and saw the bridge ahead. The site of his terrible deed. But it wasn’t until he set foot upon the stone bridge that he was stuck with a strange feeling that he was being watched. Then he looked up and realized with terror that there was a dark figure blocking his path.

Standing on the bridge before him was a skeleton with a dagger sticking out of its head. The last thing the young man ever saw was a hideous skull grinning at him, just inches from his face, and long bony fingers closing around his throat.

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