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Severed Head

Severed Head

The Severed Head is a scary short story about a man who jumps in front of a train. The picture below is a Halloween prop. Looks pretty real, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it’s just a very expensive prop. If you want to buy it, it costs about $4,500.

Severed Head

Train Tracks

In Japan, a man was severely depressed and decided to kill himself. Out of his mind with despair, he went to a train station and waited for the train to arrive. Just before the train pulled into the station, the man jumped off the platform as the other commuters watched in horror.

The train ran over him, tearing him limb from limb. It was a terrible and gruesome death. The people standing on the platform covered their eyes, not wanting to witness the horrible sight. Pieces of the man’s body flew left and right. His severed head was thrown through the air and landed on the platform.

The other commuters opened their eyes and saw the severed head lying there. They stared at it in horror. Suddenly, the severed head’s eyes fluttered open. It’s mouth moved and it screamed “This is not a show!”

Modeling Competition

A few years ago, I got a letter in the mail. It said I had won a chance to compete in a modeling competition. When I told my Mom about it, she said I couldn’t go. I asked her why not and she told me a story about a girl who wanted to go to a modeling competition. Her parents told her not to go, but she went anyway and she never came back. Her parents reported her missing and people searched for her, but they couldn’t find her. Then, a week later, a box came to them in the mail. It contained the girl’s head wrapped in a plastic bag.

Roller Coaster

My grandmother told me a story about how she used to love riding on this old roller coaster as a child. It was seriously frightening just to be on this thing. There were no seat belts or restraints at all and it had these big wooden stabilizing beams that went over the tracks every so often, which were quite low. If you stood up, you could easily touch these beams as you passed by. Some stupid teenagers even made a game of standing up and hitting the wooden beams with their hands. It was late one evening when my grandmother got on the roller coaster. A group of drunken sailors got onto the ride with her. She sat in one of the carts at the back because she didn’t want to be near them. Just when the roller coaster reached the fastest point of the ride, one of the sailors decided to play a game of daredevil. He stood up to see if he could sit down before one of the beams hit him. He was decapitated and his head landed in my grandmother’s cart. She never rode a roller coaster again.


One high school had an old gymnasium where, late in the evening, students would sometimes report seeing what looked like a single, ghostly hand beckoning from the window. One student saw this hand beckoning to him and innocently walked into the gymnasium. The student went missing and the next day there were two hands beckoning from the gymnasium’s window.

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  • In the last one, it says that she is in a cabin, then she is walking out of a tent, and then she is back in a cabin. O_o

  • Well I think that you story is great and when I make my story will you read it please and no mean comments please because I’m only a little girl x

  • @Kish who the freak are you?!?!?!?! I can’t find your comments anywhere on this story!

  • this is a true story.About 5 years ago two kids named Harold and Gabrielle were sitting down on a tree stump when suddenly a suspicious man in black came a forward.”dear Gabrielle and Harold.I have come to say that you need to stay away from this fested tree.You do not listen then you’ll suffer the consequences.”.The two kids said,”But why? This has been our favorite tree since we were 3!We have never done anything wrong.”The man looked at them like “creepy killer on the loose”.”You heard me.LEAVE this horrible place and never come back!!!!!.”.The man disappered out the thin air.Two days later the kids each recived a nicely rapped letter in their mailbox.They both oppened their letter and it said:TO THE TWO KIDS.I KNOW YOU KNOW ME BUT YOU CANT SEE ME.I WILL SEE YOU IN YOUR BEDROOM.TATA!!”They were both scared out of their witts.2 hours past and they went to bed.The next morning they were unable to get out off bed. Both their mothers went to their rooms to find that their children were slashed in their necks and their insides were spawled on the floor.THE END.


  • kish u are so awesome love your stories but anyways the one about the girl at the park is duhm how could you fall for your own story. IDIOTIC!!! oh and dude in the backseat of the car you rock they should’ve died.

  • Once, there was a girl named Jane. She was the prettiest girl in her town. Perfectly curled,blond hair,deep blue eyes and a perfectly shaped mouth and nose. But, she was the cruelest girl in school. She would bully and tease other kids. One day at school, she went to the bathroom to fix her hair. But, what she saw in the mirror was a terrifying sight. Her face was all torn up and blood was dripping down her face. All her bones were showing and all the veins. In the mirror,she sees behind her the wall. It says “One who will be selfish and mean, shall not look like a queen.” She wanted to scream but she couldn’t. Then, a girl walked into the bathroom. When she saw Jane, she ran out and was screaming at the top of her lungs with fright. When the girl who was screaming came back with all the other kids and teachers. What they saw was the most gruesomest sight they had ever seen. Her body was mangled and all her body parts were twisted in odd angles. All over her body and face were the words she had seen on the wall. They looked like they had been scratched into her skin. Her face was the same exact thing she had seen in the mirror.
    Tell me what you think!

  • I have a scary story to tell.. it happend to me and btw its not really scary…

    One day i was riding in the car looking out the window. Which was something i liked doing on the way home from school. I saw a house that i never saw before. When i looked in the yard when we stopped at a red light i saw a kid. The Kid was clear looking sitting there. Looked liek she had no eyes. When i turned around for a secound when i looked back there was not trace of a kid sitting by the gate. There was no possible way she ran to her house that was far from were she was sitting…. Creepy right?

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