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White Tree

White Tree

The White Tree is a creepy urban legend about a ghostly lady in white who haunts Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey.

White Tree

The story of the White Lady of Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey revolves around a white tree. The tree was painted white and it stood on a sharp curve in the park road.

One night, a newly-married couple were passing through the park on their way to their honeymoon. It was raining very heavily and visibility was bad.

All of a sudden, the car began to skid. The groom lost control and crashed head-on into the white tree. The impact was so devastating that the bride was thrown through the windshield.

The groom was killed instantly, his bloody body mangled in the wreck. The bride, however, was nowhere to be found. Nobody knows what happened to her. They say that the car was destroyed so badly in the crash that she must have been killed on impact, but her body was never recovered. According to local legend, the ground opened up and swallowed her.

All that is known for sure is that when the police arrived, all they found was the groom lying dead in the wreckage and a piece of white cloth sticking out of the ground.

Ever since then, the ghostly figure of the bride has haunted Branch Brook Park. Many people claim to have seen an apparition of a lady in white, standing next to the white tree. Others said that, as they drove past the tree, they spotted her ghostly image crossing the road in front of them. She is mostly seen on rainy nights, wearing a bloody wedding dress that flutters in the wind.

Those who have seen this ghostly apparition near the white tree say that she was beckoning them toward her. They say that she is still waiting for her husband to join her.

“My parents told me their story of driving through the park on foggy nights to see this apparition. My Mom said she saw it one rainy night and proceeded to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. Unfortunately, the county put a new road through the park a few years back, and the tree is no longer adjacent to the road. I am not about to wander through there at night to find it.”

The White Lady of Branch Brook Park was also known as Mary Yoo-Hoo. The tree where the crash happened was called The White Lady Tree. For many years, the white tree stood by the side of the road. But recent reports suggest that it was either cut down or the road was moved.

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    I have seen a Ghost! Before and this was NO LIE!

    I was 14 years old and I was living with my Parents
    and my 2 Brothers and 1 Sister.

    Well it was 12 midnight on Saturday and the stars was out
    with the full Moon OMG! That night was so beautiful out you
    could see everything like it was daylights but anyway we all
    live out in the woods on the dirt road.

    For some reason I couldn’t sleep for HELL! So I told myself
    I gonna go for a midnight walk. So I got up and got dress and
    I went outside to get my Dog to come walking with me and his
    name is Austin!

    So I went back to the house to get my coffee and my cd player
    and when on the dark dirt road to take a long walk and I was
    listening to my favorite bands! Like Motley Crue and Disturbed

    So anyway I took Austin! with me and we went out into the
    woods and I wasn’t scare of anything and I didn’t mind to
    see some strange thing happen out in the woods cause I know
    GOD! was watching out for me =)

    So anyway I walked and listen to my heavy metal music
    and I was out of middle of nowhere it was like I didn’t
    give a crap if I got lost in the woods or not I know it
    stupid for me saying that but back then I didn’t really
    care til now.

    And so I look down onto my Dog! And I say let go back
    to the house so I began walking back to the house and
    something caught my right eye and I turn my head to the
    right and I see this dude was wearing black cowboy outfit

    He was wearing black cowboy hat and cowboy coats and
    cowboy pants and boots. And I say YO! what are you doing
    out on the on my private land. He turn around slowly and
    he look at me and he raise his hand and point at me and
    he waves his hand and boom he was gone.

    I was like W T F! That was so damn AWESOME!
    I was looking and calling for that dude and
    I knew I saw a Cowboy Ghost!

    So anyway every since I saw that Ghost! I been so addicted
    on Ghosts and Demons.

    I am not afraid to talk to Ghost! If anybody ever afford
    me to stay the most haunted hotel or haunted house I would
    say OH HELL YEAH!!! I would LOVE! To

    I not trying to be brave or anything I like to talk to them
    and ask them how did they got kill and why are they still on
    this earth. See my job is try to help them find that special
    light that they need to go to….

  • Um, could anybody explain what’s happening in this story? Its mind boggling and complicated… I totally dont get what its about and all… So, i agree with the other members, this story is……. Um, LAME

  • Wait i think i watched this in americas most scry places :o if u touch it ull see ashes in ur hand n will expiernce the presence of spirits who died there idk if its this one :l

  • Deaths are often touching but because it’s about a married couple it’s less touching. Married couples suck. The man is a moron for tying himself to a dumb and inferior lifeform and the woman is just too dumb and dependent and was probably acting really stupid as they do usually.

  • The story isn’t scary but the death of the newly-wed couple is quite touching…

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