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Scary Toys

Scary Toys

The best Scary Toys from horror movies and monster films. These action figures and stuffed toys recreate all the most famous horror scenes as memorabilia.

Scary Toys

1. Halloween Snow Globe

This Michael Myers Snow Globe was a promotional toy given out with the 20th Anniversary video release of the movie Halloween in 1998. It depicts Michael Myers holding a knife and standing over a teenage girl. When you shake it up, the blood flies everywhere.

Halloween Snow Globe

2. Screen Grabs

Screen Grabs are scary collectible toys from the Cinema of Fear line made by Mezco. The dioramas capture classic moments from famous horror movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Friday the 13th.

Screen Grabs

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3. Plush Toys

These plush toys were made by artist Patricia Waller. She creates creepy death scenes involving cute and cuddly animals.

Plush Toys

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4. Monkey With Cymbals

Monkey With Cymbals

5. Baby Toy Car

Baby Toy Car

6. Fugglers

Fugglers are plush toys made with human teeth, which gives them a creepy and disturbing look.


7. Spider Baby

This Spider Baby appeared in the movie Toy Story and terrified a generation of kids.

Spider Baby

8. Face Bank

Facebank is a creepy-looking money box. Using sensors embedded in the eyes, Facebank can tell when you are about to insert a coin and its mouth begins to chew and swallow it.

Face Bank

9. Creepy Toys

Creepy Toys

10. Road Kill Cat

Road Kill Cat

11. Jumping Brain

This cute little neon pink jumping brain was created by artist Emilio Garcia. It has the legs of a frog and is sitting on a fake fur base that can be worn as hair.

Jumping Brain

12. Rubber Duck

Rubber Duck

Pencil Sharpener

This is a Living Dead Dolls pencil sharpener. You stick your blunt pencil in the doll’s bloody eye and when you pull it out, it is sharpened.

Pencil Sharpener

Weird Toys

Weird Toys

Remote Control Toys

Remote Control Toys

Kaiju Toys

Kaiju Toys

Evil Toys

Evil Toys

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  • Does the cymbals monkey explode like in that zombie video game?
    Also, Fugglers look like the Tooth Fairy’s doing… Well, I guess we found out the mystery of what she does with teeth.

  • guys, you can get the sharpener from ebay, but it cost $75. its probably haunted because its living dead doll.

  • Kid: mommy! I want that sharpener
    *Mom takes a look at the sharpener*
    Mom: lets go to the doctor kid. I feel sick

  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAÀAAAAAAAA im first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These rnt scary there relly funy

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