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Scary Images

Scary images, creepy photos and the disturbing real stories behind them. These pictures have been circulating on the internet for years, but are they true or false? Read on to find out…

Scary Images

1. The Buckley Family

Buckley Family

As the story goes, Susan & John Buckley decided to kill their mother as a Halloween prank and chop off her head with an axe. When the police arrived, the children were long gone and the only evidence they left behind was this photo of them holding their mother’s severed head.

However, this photograph is a fake. In the original picture, as you can see, the mother’s head is not cut off.

Buckley Family

Read more about the Buckley Family and the original picture here.

2. Farewell Audience

Scary Images

This is a photo of the audience on a Japanese psychic TV show. The woman’s face is deathly pale and her head is twisted at an impossible angle. This became a famous ghost photo in Japan and was featured in a number of paranormal magazines and TV shows. The woman is real, but someone photoshopped the picture to make her face seem more white and her neck seem more twisted than it is. You can see the original photo here:

Scary Images

3. Expressionless Woman


The story claims this is a picture of a woman who showed up at Cedar Senai Hospital in 1972. However, that’s not true. It is a picture of two student nurses and a waxwork dummy used for training. The picture was taken by photographer Lord Snowdon in 1968 for his book “Assignments”.

Read the creepypasta story “The Expressionless” here.

4. Cooper Family Falling Body Photo

Scary Images

According to this legend, when the Cooper family moved into their new house, they took some photographs at a family gathering. When they got the pictures developed, they noticed this shocking ghostly image of a body falling from the ceiling.

Unfortunately, this photo is a fake. It was created in photoshop.

5. Japanese School Photo

Look closely. Do you notice anything wrong with this photo?

Scary Images

Of course you do. Look at that Japanese kid in the middle! His face is screwed up! He is clearly some sort of human-alien hybrid… An alien replicon from beyond the moon!

Scary Images

But the disappointing truth is, someone was just having fun with photoshop. Here is the original photo:

Scary Images

6. Three Boys

Scary Images

According to the legend, in the 1950s, three boys came across an abandoned house in the woods. When they went inside, they found a hole in the ground filled with water. Two of them went swimming while the third took pictures with his camera. 30 years later, their camera was found by a man who was hiking in the woods. He took it to the police and they had the film developed. This was the final photograph taken with the camera and nobody knows what happened to the boys’ faces. They simply disappeared and their bodies were never found.

The story is false, but I haven’t been able to determine the origin of the photo yet.

7. The Bunny Man Killer

Scary Images

This picture has been circulating with a caption claiming it was found in 1982 in a dumpster behind a restaurant in Georgia. The implication is that this is a photo of a woman being murdered by a man in a bunny suit.

However, the story is fake. If you look closely, you can see the woman is wearing a chicken mask. The original image was taken by a photographer named Eliot Lee Hazel in 2010 as part of a collection called the Poppy Field Gang. Someone used photoshop to make it appear older and grainier.

8. Charlie Noonan

Charlie Noonan

A man named Charlie Noonan travelled across the Southwestern United States collecting folklore. He heard a strange story from a farmer about a woman that lived in the panhandle. He said the woman was not a woman at all, but a creature that masqueraded as a woman and hid its true nature beneath a headscarf. Charlie Noonan was intrigued and went looking for this woman, but he was never seen again. Years later when his camera was found, this was the only photo on the roll.

Read the urban legend about Charlie Noonan here.

9. Costume Party

Scary Images

This is said to be the only known photograph of a vicious, unidentified killer. On Halloween night, in 1962, the man in the black mask supposedly gatecrashed a costume party, locking all the doors and attempting to murder every one of the guests with a kitchen knife. He killed 7 people and fled the scene. The man was never caught and the FBI still has the black mask in an evidence locker.

This story is not true. This is just a vintage Halloween picture that has been on the internet for years. Someone saw it and decided to make up a legend about it.

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