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  • Here are the answers. 1. Scary GIF. + 500 beats per second. 2. Just a.. wait… PANDA MAN?! 3. GET OUT FROM THE BED JIMMY! 4. STOP SITTING ON SAMMY! 5. I see you… through the mirror. 6. HONK HONK IN THE CAR TIME! 7. Its a, its a… its a hidden spider. 8. Just a… GUY HIDING UNDER A PILLOW?! 9. Just a… GUY UNDER THE TABLE?! 10. OUR NEW SUPER-CAR! SPIDER-CAR! 11. Nothing… CREEPY DOLL IN THE CORNER! 12. SHREK IS IN THE BOX! 13. Sis is not at the table… and being weird. 14. CLOWN TIME AGAIN… AND DRACULA’S WIFE! 15. Matt is ready to scare Sarah. 16. BLOOD… wait… CREEPY EYES! 17. Under the bed Jimmy? Again? 18. FEAR THE DIAMOND! 19. Alien Doge? 20. Dracula!

  • Sometime i should put makeup on and run around hiding behind people and ruining their selfies

  • What’s so scary about number 7? It’s just a spider. 🕷
    Sheesh. Here are my answers:

    1. It’s a gif of a woman moving toward the camera. Not Scary.

    2. There is a man with pandas on his body, disguising himself in the background. Not Scary.

    3. Someone is under the bunk bed. Not that Scary.

    4. The family is sitting on a man. That is weird, but not scary.

    5. The girl is looking toward the camera, but her reflection is too. Kinda sorta scary, but not much.

    6. There is a mental patient disguised as a clown in the car behind them. Not scary, unless he means harm. But still not scary.

    7. Spider hiding in twigs. Definitely NOT SCARY, SFK, NOT SCARY!! 😡

    8. A woman hiding behind a pillow, nearest to camera. I can barely see her face, so it’s just a fake, and not that scary.

    9. Their little brother has “creepy” green face paint on, and is hiding under their makeup table, by the way, I am a girl, but I HATE makeup. Plus, it is not scary.

    10. The red car is driving on a wall. Big deal. Car has magnet tires. Not scary. (Yawn!!)

    11. A random picture ScaryForKids put their to confuse us. NOT SCARY!!!

    12. Some idiot painted a head on the box to make it look like someone was in it. This is not scary SFK!!

    13. Someone photoshopped a girl in the reflection of the dining room, when their is no girl in real life. Not scary.

    14. There is a brown skinned girl who is hiding behind the other two girls. It is fake, and STILL NOT SCARY!!!!

    I have to go, and I will post more later. NOT SCARY!!!!! 😡

  • I can’t find the guy blending in with the pandas in the second one. Someone help me please.

  • #1 +57 Beats per second
    #2 SOMEBODY IS PAINTED LIKE THE PANDAS! He’s probably just going to take a few hostages, no biggie.
    #3 Take selfies or DIE
    #4 They are sitting on someone…
    #5 The reflection is staring at you…
    #7 I’VE BEEN SPOOKED! IT’S A- it’s a spider…
    #8 Somebody is hiding behind a pill- HOLD ON IS THAT CAESAR FROM PLANET OF THE APES?!
    #9 Under a table is such a great hiding spot. Tough luck pal. If you want to be a stalker, hide behind their door. when they come in, grab them and… uh… “Do what you want.”
    #11 I scanned the entire screen and got nothing…
    #13 Looks like dinner is ser- HOLY S***!
    #15 Somebody’s in the corner… why, it’s none other than I’m very grumpy because it’s this little girl’s birthday and not mine so I’m going to stalk her from another room by peeking out from behind the door, isn’t that fun?
    #16 Nevermind, I see it now. The blood is just rust, the real thing is a face peeking through a crack on the first step.
    #18 Look at the huge diamond shaped window in the door…
    #19 There is a weird alien-like creature on his shoulder.
    #20 Somebody who looks like a f***ing vampire is behind the blonde.

  • guys, the creepy thing for 16 is that the stairs are covered in blood… am I the only one who noticed this?

  • For number 16 there is a creepy face peeking out from a crack below the first step

  • 1. A crazy women shoots up. Oh Lord NO!
    2. A guy is blending in with the PANDAS! Probably gonna kidnap some CHILDREN!
    3. A guy watching her selfie! ***STALKER ALERT***
    4. A family is sitting on a man! GET YOUR JIGGLY BOOTIE OFF OF ME WOMEN!
    5. A car is on the side of a building. HES GOING DO DIE! AHHH!
    6. Clown with a gun.***CLOWN ALERT***
    7. Spider… I do not have arachnophobia.
    8. There’s someone behind the sofa. ***STALKER ALERT*** (again)
    9. Like we don’t notice you under the table!

  • #1 Aw hell naw
    #2 Someone playing with kid’s feelings. What yiu gunna do wid dat dessert?
    #3 Someone feeling real cold and is hiding under the bunk bed
    #4 Woman’s sitting on someone. Poor person’s getting his face squashed ^_^
    #5 Aw there are two girls starin at me! Even the reflection’s marvelling at my funny face XD
    #6 *sirens wailing* CREEPY CLOWN CREEPY CLOWN
    #7 Weird insect thingy *badum tss*
    #8 Eh, some creepy face behind the cushion
    #9 One of the woman’s having a creepy secret admirer under the table
    #11 Reaaally difficult. There’s a ghost pretending to be a disney princess! Awwwww *_*
    #12 A face in the box. “Mark, been messing with my paints again?”
    #13 Aw you have a ghost lady joining you to dinner! Maybe you are her dinner *wink*
    #14 That’s a ‘I’m going to kill you look’ given to the camera man right there.
    #15 Someone in the left middle side is angry that it’s not his birth day. As for me, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY EVERRRRRRRRRY Daaaaay.
    Question: Why do birthdays come every year? I distinctly remember mine being celebrated last year. Hmm..,,,
    #16 Is there frinckin somethin on the lower left corner?
    #17 Photobomb. Maybe he just likes selfies. *imma come crawlin out ur bed if u take a saaalfie*
    #18 A ghost is staring at the caaamera. Lol. With all your might look into the diamond.
    #19 Someone is eating the back of the groom’s head.
    #20 Another photobomber behind the blonde. AAAARGH!

  • Hey, this happened at my house. I was taking a picture of myself, and when I looked a the photo, I saw something in the background. Like a little girl…

  • Aargh! I screamed when I saw the first one…a moving pic. I’m really surprised.

  • In the first one I screamed a little my friends….well let’s say they are boys and people thought I screamed 😎

  • 5. something is wrong with the girls reflection.
    11. there is a ghost girl at the bottom left side of the photo (make sure your screen is bright, super bright) you’re welcome

  • I actually tried to find what was wrong with the first one…(then creepy WOMAN THING attacks) Me be like:F*** NOPE
    2. There’s a camouflage guy standing there (uhhhhh hi?)
    4. They’resitting on a woman. (WOMAN BE LIKE- GET UR FAT @$$ OFF ME :3)
    5. That mirror is f***ed up.
    6. CLOWN photobomb! *grabs imaginary shotgun* NOPE.
    7. Spiders r not scareh…
    9. Under the table (STALKERRRRRRR)

  • Top one: Scary Pop Out. I ALMOST PEED!!
    2: There is a person blending in with the plushies
    3: There is an eye in the bunk bed
    4: The mother is sitting on someone’s head
    6: There is a clown poking his head out the van’s window
    7: Spider
    8: In the bottom left, behind the pillow, there is a woman’s head. It can barely be seen.
    10: There is a car on the side of a building
    12: There is a box with a face in it on the left next to the wide box.
    13: There is a person sitting on the couch on the background
    14: There is a woman “photo bombing” between the two girls
    20: On the shoulder of the girl with the white dress.

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