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Red Ball

Red Ball

The Red Ball is a scary funny story for kids about a man whose car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. It is a “jump tale” which means that, when you’re telling the story, you’re supposed to speak quietly until the last word which you shout, giving the listener a fright.

Red Ball

One dark and stormy night, a man was driving along a lonely country road that led through a forest. It was pitch dark and the moon was covered by clouds. All of a sudden, the engine began to splutter and the car slowly came to a stop.

The man checked the fuel gauge and realized that it was empty. He was stranded in the middle of nowhere. Thinking he might find a gas station somewhere along the road, the man took some gas cans out of the boot and began to walk down the darkened road.

Just then, he saw something through the trees. He blinked his eyes and spotted two big, bright lights in the distance. As the lights came closer, he realized that it was a farmer driving a tractor.

The farmer pulled up next to the man and asked him, “What are you doing out alone in the forest in the middle of the night?”

“My car broke down,” the man replied. “I need to find a gas station…”

“There’s no gas station around here for miles,” said the farmer. “If you like, you can stay in my house tonight and call a tow-truck in the morning.”

The man agreed and thanked the farmer for his kind offer.

The farmer brought him back to his house and fixed him a meal. After they had eaten, the farmer showed him where he could sleep. The room was dusty and untidy. There were no lights at all, so the farmer gave him a flashlight in case he had to get up to go to the toilet during the night. The man thanked him again and lay down to sleep.

A few hours later, he was awoken by a strange noise.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

The man sat up in bed and listened.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

He couldn’t tell where the noise was coming from.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

He picked up the flashlight and shone it around the room, but he couldn’t see anything. The noise stopped and the man lay down again.

A little while later, he heard the noise again.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

The man sat up in bed again.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

He picked up the flashlight and shone it around the room. Sitting there, in the corner, he saw a little girl. She had snow-white hair and blood-red eyes.

His voice trembling, the man asked, “What are you doing here?”

The girl stared back at him and whispered, “I’m just sitting here, playing with my little red… BALL!!!!!”

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