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Magic Castle

Magic Castle

The Magic Castle is a scary funny story for kids about a woman who finds a message in the woods warning her not to go to an old, abandoned castle. I have found this story being told in Germany, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Magic Castle

There was a woman who lived in a remote village in the countryside. Every evening, she took her ​​dog for a walk in the forest. One evening, they strayed off the path and came to an area that was completely unfamiliar to her.

From a distance, she saw the old ruins of a stone wall and there was something green on it. As she walked closer to the wall, she was able to make out message, written in a ghastly green layer of glowing slime. It read:

“Do NOT go the magic castle at midnight!”

She had heard rumors about a “magic castle” in the forest. The villagers told scary stories about the castle and claimed that it was haunted. The woman was very curious and wondered what could be in the castle. Why would someone write a message, warning people not to go there? Her curiosity got the better of her and she decided visit the castle that very night.

Shortly before midnight, the woman arrived at a clearing in the woods. In front of her stood the magic castle. It looked old, uninhabited and dilapidated. Even from the outside, it smelled of damp, mold and rotting wood. On the door, there was another message in green slimy letters. It read:

“Do NOT enter!”

She reached out and touched the front door. It opened with a loud and ominous creak. The woman walked into the hallway. On the floor, she saw a painting of a gruesome red skull. Beside it, in slimy green letters, was the message:

“DO NOT go one step further!”

The woman was overcome by curiosity and paid no attention to the warning. She just kept right on walking until she came to a staircase that led up to the next level. On the bottom step, there was another warning sign, written in the same green, slimy letters. It read:

“Do NOT go up these stairs!”

Naturally, the woman paid no heed to the warning and started walking up the stairs. The steps were made ​​of wood and they creaked terribly at every footfall. When she reached the top, the woman found herself in front of a large oak door. There was yet another warning on it, written in the same green slime. It read:

“Do NOT open this door!”

And what did the woman do? She opened the door. Very slowly and gently, she pushed the door and it creaked open, inch by inch… Then, she stood in a dark room. She couldn’t see anything. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw a large, oblong box in the middle of the room. It glowed with a greenish hue. Once again, she saw a warning in green slime. It read:

“Do NOT open this coffin!”

The woman wondered what could be in the coffin. Slowly, she pushed the heavy lid of the coffin to the side. Filled with excitement and dread, she looked inside and saw…


Magic Castle

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