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Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in Babysitting is a scary story told in the 1980s comedy movie about a 17-year old girl named Chris who has to babysit for a boy and his younger sister. When she gets a frantic call from her best friend, who is stuck at the bus station with no money, Chris loads her young charges into her station wagon and heads for the big city. While they are driving down the freeway, she tries to keep them entertained by telling them a scary story.

Adventures in Babysitting

So the babysitter goes upstairs and the sound keeps getting louder.

Scrape… Scrape… Scrape…

The babysitter stops at the kids’ room. She reaches for the doorknob. Her hand is trembling. Her heart is beating fast. Sweat pours down her face.

She opens the door and the kids are safely in their beds. But then the babysitter looks more closely at the kids and she sees…

They don’t have any faces!

Just a pool of mushy goo.

Like Spaghetti-O’s with meat.

The babysitter screams and she turns to run, but there’s this big giant hairy guy standing right in front of her…

And he raises his right arm, and there’s a big metal hook instead of a hand…

And the hook goes to the babysitter’s face…

Scrape… Scrape… Scrape…

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