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Reality TV Shows

Reality TV Shows

Here’s a list of popular reality tv shows that deal with the paranormal and supernatural. From current television hits like Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted to classics like MTV’s Fear and Unsolved Mysteries.

Reality TV Shows Reality TV Shows Reality TV Shows
Ghost Hunters Most Haunted Scariest Places on Earth
Reality TV Shows
Paranormal State Ghost Adventures Haunted History
Reality TV Shows
Monster Quest MTV Fear Dead Famous
Reality TV Shows
Unsolved Mysteries History’s Mysteries Ghost Hunt

Places of Mystery
Legend Hunters
A Haunting
Ghost Hunters International
Truth or Scare
Weird U.S.
The Unexplained
Unexplained Mysteries
Scary But True
Mysterious Journeys
SciFi Investigates
Destination Truth
Celebrity Paranormal Project
Extreme Ghost Stories
Haunted Homes
Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns
Ghostly Encounters
Haunting Evidence
Ancient Mysteries
Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World
Jane Goldman Investigates
Proof Positive
Rescue Mediums
Ghost Watch
Ghost Trackers
Mystery Hunters
Girly Ghosthunters
BBC Supernatural Science
5th Dimension: Secrets Of The Supernatural
Have I Been Here Before
Psychic Detectives
Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead
Americas Psychic Challenge
Dead Tenants
Psi Factor
Ghost Hunting With…

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