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Paranormal State

The ghost hunting continues in Paranormal State, a new show that follows college students as they investigate the supernatural. The show is on A&E and has been called “reality TV at its real frightening best”.

Paranormal State Episode Guide

Paranormal State 17 – Mothman
The Paranormal State team heads to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, to seek out the Mothman. Is he a winged alien creature who wants us all destroyed, or was he sent here to warn us of possible doom? Find out whether the legendary Mothman is fact or fiction.
Paranormal State 16 – The Asylum
A look at the paranormal activity at a former insane asylum which is now a New York State prison.
Paranormal State 15 – Requiem
The PRS team head to Allentown, Pennsylvania to assist a woman named Kristy who has barn behind her home that is haunted. The barn is host to a a series of tragedies including a lost child.
Paranormal State 14 – Woman in the Window
The PRS team investigate the haunting of a family home that was once part of the Underground Railroad.
13 – Haunted Piano
Ryan and the PRS team are called in when unlucky antique collectors unwittingly bring a paranormally-infested piano into their home. A symphony of terror plays out as Lorraine Warren lends her haunted object expertise to our crew as they attempt to dismantle and destroy the offending instrument.
Paranormal State 12 – School House Haunting
PRS travels to Massachusetts to investigate a converted old schoolhouse where disembodied voices of children disturb the couple who lives there now. In a chilling EVP session, PRS hears a voice calling out the name “Katie.” The mystery takes a turn when Ryan tracks down the former tenant and her name is Katie.
11 – Paranormal Intervention
Retiree Carol Ann stays awake every night taping the voices of the dead. Is she simply documenting–or providing a portal for dark forces eager to cross over? PRS cuts their winter break short, and teams up with legendary investigator Lorraine Warren to help Carol Ann curtail her obsession and close this doorway to the dead for good.
10 – Shape Shifter
PRS travels to Shapleigh, Maine, where a woman and her daughter are reporting attacks from a winged “creature” with sharp teeth. Psychic Chip Coffey arrives and senses a half-human, half animal presence–and local Native American shamen warn that a shape-shifting spirit has escaped from a vortex on the woman’s property. Ryan and crew sort the myth from the mystery.
Paranormal State 09 – Beer Wine and Spirits
Brian’s Ghost Bar has a cranky customer who’s got a bad habit of breaking wine glasses. His name’s Charlie, and he’s been dead since prohibition. Ryan turns this case over to trainees Katrina & Heather until… the casualness of the case is shattered and Charlie returns to pay his bar tab.
08 – Man of the House
Ryan’s team is called to help a grandmother and her frightened grandson when renovations on her 19th century house stir up the pipe-smoking specter of a former tenant named Alfred. PRS locates a long-lost relative of Alfred’s and attempt to make contact with the menacing man of the house.
Paranormal State 07 – The Cemetary
PRS visits a gothic graveyard, where a jealous spirit seems to be preying on the newlywed wife of the cemetery’s caretaker. Ryan traces the haunting to a mysterious, unclaimed cremation urn on the grounds. Are the key clues buried among these human remains? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by opening it up!
06 – Pet Cemetary
Ryan and his team investigate the bizarre haunting of a woman and her dog in isolated Waterboro, Maine. The Labrador was chewing at her own fur and standing on guard on the bed, growling at unseen figures. Her master, Sybil, began hearing strange noises. As PRS discovers, Lucy may not be the first canine to experience the phenomena–at least four other animals died violently on the property. PRS unravels the mystery culminating in a gruesome discovery deep in the woods.
Paranormal State 05 – Vegas
The Paranormal Research Society travels to Sin City to investigate a 14-year old medium who claims to be visited by the spirit of a dead girl she calls “Emily.” When Ryan discovers that “Emily” may be the victim of a real-life murder in San Antonio, he dispatches PRS team member Katrina to the scene of the crime to investigate.
04 – Dark Man
A grieving mother suspects her deceased son may have fallen victim to a mysterious entity called “The Dark Man.” She calls Ryan Buell and the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) for help as she fears her son is being held in purgatory by a strange entity. The PRS team sets out to the woman’s isolated country farmhouse to make things right–employing a psychic, a grief counselor, and a moonlight pagan cleansing on the ominous pond that could be the source of the mystery.
Paranormal State 03 – Devil in Syracuse
The clients are new, but the spirit is all too familiar as Ryan Buell prepares himself to battle the taunting demon that has been following him. He assembles his top investigators; a priest, a psychic and a demonologist couple as he faces his most harrowing case yet. One that ends in a full blown exorcism.
02 – The Name
Ryan Buell and company set out on one of their most dangerous cases to date–to help a single mother who is experiencing paranormal activity in a home that was once the site of brutal murders. The team enlists the assistance of psychic Chip Coffey, but the case is turned upside down when it’s discovered that Ryan himself is the target of a taunting demon whose name spells pure evil.
Paranormal State 01 – Sixth Sense
A worried mother calls PRS to help her son Matthew, a boy who sees dead people. Matthew’s story strikes a chord with team leader Ryan Buell who also experienced paranormal activity as a child. Could this just be the active imagination of a child? Ryan discovers some amazing evidence that might actually prove that the boy sees ghosts.

The show effectively uses a cinematic techniques common in horror films. The editing leaves open the question of whether paranormal activity is actually occurring, and the cinematography uses night-vision and infrared photography to create a suspenseful atmosphere.

In two of the episodes, references have been made to a “demon” who continually haunts the team, following them from investigation to investigation and haunting innocent people.

You can watch videos from Paranormal State here.

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