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Nobody Can Know

Nobody Can Know

Nobody Can Know is a scary story written by a member of this website named Slaughter Daughter. It’s about a 14-year old girl who gets a friend request on Facebook.

Nobody Can Know

My name is Emma Sinclair and I’m here to tell you about something very disturbing that happened to me on Facebook.

It all started on the day I turned 14. I got a new cell phone for my birthday and I was so excited. I had never actually owned a cell phone before. My parents were really strict about that kind of stuff. I guess they were worried I’d be stupid enough to give out my address or something on the internet, but after three years of begging and pleading, they finally gave in.

Anyways, I added all my friends as contacts and we were texting back and forth all the time. The person I texted the most was my best friend, Bella, because I felt like I could really talk to her, you know? We were BFFs and I felt like I could tell her everything.

One day, we had the following conversation over text message:

Bella: OMG that super cute senior from school just sent me a Facebook friend request!!

Me: you mean Dylan? Haha nice did you accept?

Bella: Um…Duh of course!! He’s sooo dreamy!

Me: LOL I don’t know if he’s “dreamy”. He is kinda cute though.

Bella: oh my god oh my god he just private messaged me!!

Me: what did he say?

Bella: He said “hi”

Me: Uh… great??

Bella: OH MY GOD he just said he’s adding all the pretty girls from our school!! EMMA HE THINKS I’M PRETTY!!

Me: Haha nice

Bella: He said he sent you a friend request too!!

Me: Um… I’m not sure about that

Bella: WHAT?? You have to accept.

Me: well, I’ve never met him in real life.

Bella: But you’ve seen him at school. Jeez Emma, not everyone on the Internet is crazy!!

Me: Alright, I guess I’ll accept.

Bella: YAY!! Well I’m going to bed now, see you tmr.

Me: ok, goodnight

I opened the Facebook app, and sure enough, there it was. “Dylan Kirkland sent you a friend request”. I clicked on his profile. It said we had one mutual friend, “Isabella Rivero”. Yep, that’s Bella, I thought to myself. I hit the confirm button and then I went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning and checked my Facebook, I had a new private message. It was from Dylan.

Dylan: Hey beautiful :)

I was delighted. Nobody had ever called me beautiful before. It felt nice. I texted him back.

Me: Hey Dylan.

He responded almost immediately.

Dylan: I’m so happy you finally texted back.

Me: haha sorry I just woke up

Dylan: OK, so… I’m sorry if this is a little too forward, but would you like to go out with me sometime?

Me: yeah! I would really like that

Dylan: awesome! I’ve seen you at school, but you’re always hanging out with that girl Bella. I didn’t want to ask you out in front of her.

Me: yeah, I guess we are together a lot.

Dylan: Listen, don’t tell her about our relationship, okay? It will be our little secret. Nobody can know.

Me: OK, I guess. Nobody can know. I’ve got to get dressed. See you at school?

He had already signed off. Oh well. I did think it was a little rude not to say goodbye though. Anyways, even though he said nobody could know, I told Bella everything. After all, she was my best friend.

I got dressed and headed off to school. All day I kept my eyes open, but I didn’t see Dylan anywhere. As soon as I got home, I was back on Facebook messenger.

Me: hey Dylan, where were you today?

Dylan: I was sick. I had to stay home from school.

Me: Awwww, that sucks. So listen, my parents are going out of town tomorrow night, and I was thinking we could have our date then, if you’re not too sick.

Dylan: that sounds fun. I won’t be sick tomorrow night. What’s your address?

I knew I wasn’t supposed to give out my personal information on the Internet, but I thought it would be fine, since it was Dylan and in private message. So without thinking about it any further, I gave him my address.

Me: 314 Maple Street West, apartment 18. So excited!!

Dylan: See you tomorrow. And remember… Nobody can know.

Me: Got it. Nobody can know. Bye!!

Dylan had already signed off.

I spent the next 24 hours in a daze, texting Dylan whenever I could. I never saw him at school, but he was always on Facebook. We talked about the most random things, like naming types of celery (We only got one, regular celery) to beautiful baby names. No matter what we talked about, all our text conversations ended the same way.

Nobody can know.

Nobody can know.

Nobody can know.

That night, I was so nervous. It was 4:30, and Dylan was picking me up at 5:00. Bella was at my house, helping me to get ready. It was my first real date and I was completely clueless.

Finally, at 5:00PM on the dot, there was a faint knock on the door.

“I’ll get it!” Bella squealed joyfully. I think she was even more excited than I was. I was still upstairs in the bathroom fixing my makeup. I heard the front door open and the sound of muffled voices. Much to my surprise, the voices stopped and I heard someone scream my name. It was Bella.

“EMMA!!” she cried.

Her scream was cut short and then everything was silent.

Needless to say, I was scared out of my mind. I didn’t make a sound. I crept quietly back into my room, and hid in the closet. Suddenly, I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket.

It was a message from Dylan.

Dylan: Hey Emma, I’m here for our date. Come here and make me feel welcome.

I was terrified. He knew I was in the house. He just didn’t know where. It was just a matter of time until he found me.

Buzz. New message.

Dylan: Emma, where are you? It’s ok, your annoying friend won’t try to get in our way now. Nobody can know.

I knew I had to call the police, but I was afraid he would hear me. There was nothing I could do.

Buzz. New message.

Dylan: Emma! Where are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are…

Just then, I heard heavy footsteps climbing the stairs. He got to the top and came walking down the hallway. All of a sudden, my bedroom door burst open and he walked right outside my closet door, and I was in the closet trying to breathe silently.

Buzz. New message.

Dylan: I never was a fan of hide and seek, Emma. When I find you, you’re going to be punished. Nobody can know.

I listened as he slowly crept down the stairs. I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew it was safe to call 911.

I listened as the police sirens came from the distance. Dylan must have heard them too.

Buzz. New message.

Dylan: now look what you’ve done. You’ll pay, Emma. Believe me, you will. You swore you wouldn’t tell anyone, Emma. NOBODY CAN KNOW!!!!!!!

I looked out the window as the police handcuffed a man and took him into a police car. The man wasn’t Dylan. I watched as they took the body bag out of my house. It took me a moment to realize it was Bella. I broke down and started crying on the floor. Suddenly, there was a knock on my bedroom door.

“This is the police. You’re safe now, you can come out.”

Cautiously, I opened the door. I knew I was safe.

I don’t remember much of what happened next. I think I must have blacked out.

Dylan was a boy who used to go to my school. He and his entire family had been brutally murdered a few days before I got the friend request from his Facebook account. His murderer had been living in his house and using his phone, pretending to be Dylan. That’s why I never saw him at school. I don’t know what this man would have done to me if he had found me, but I hope I never have to find out. He is going to be released from prison in a few years and I’m scared to death that he will find me again.

Please don’t tell anyone my story, because if he finds out, I’ll end up dead, like Bella. So remember… Nobody Can Know.

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  • Wow good story, i dont know why but i suspected it to be some murderer from the start, read too many of these stories. But a really good quality story!!! Thanks for entertaining me! @slaughterdaughter you have talent, maybe write another like this, but with a twist….. Good luck! 👍🏻👌🏻😁🏆🏅 ps: that is R from Warm Bodies (zombie movie)

  • Well that was dumb Emma never give a stranger your address because you can never trust anyone unless their your friend and they’ve been to your house. Even then it’s not smart! Anyway 10/10 cute boys on facebook

  • Well why the f##k will they release him from prison ? After he brutally murdered dylan’s whole family and killed bella too :/

  • Uh what happen to sfk? Sorry, I just recently went to this website again and its now way different from what it used to be.

  • @SlaughterDaughterFan OMG!! Thank You So Much!! I love your username haha. I will try to keep writing!!

  • @Slaughter Daughter i love you so much love the story to :* and also maybe put a little more of a twist ending though for a more 0-0 kinda reaction and this is just a suggestion no hate love it

  • I feel like it would be pretty big deal if someone and his family were murdered. Really good story though!

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