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Big Surprise

Big Surprise

Big Surprise is a scary story for kids about three young boys who are promised a surprise, but they will have to dig for it.

Big Surprise

One bright Summer day, three young boys were playing outside when they noticed a strange old man standing at the edge of the woods behind their house. He was lurking in the shadows and just staring at them.

The children were creeped out by the old man’s odd behavior. When he called out to them, they got up and ran inside their house. Their parents had warned them never to speak to strangers.

A few minutes later, they looked out their kitchen window and saw the old man standing there. They could hear him shouting at them.

“Look here at the edge of the forest,” he said. “Do you see there is a spot where the soil is raised? There is something buried there. If you come out here tomorrow and dig, you will get a surprise.”

The next day, the children looked outside. They discovered that there was a place where the grass met the trees where the soil was raised. It was just like the old man had said.

Excited, the two kids grabbed two shovels and started digging. After a while, they uncovered a large wooden box. They threw down their shovels and scrambled to open it.

The box was very old and damp and it was hard to get a grip on it. Working together, they managed to prise off the hinges and when they pulled back the lid, they were horrified.

Lying inside was the rotting corpse of the old man they had seen the day before.

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