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Emergency Call

Emergency Call

The Emergency Call is a scary story about a man who calls 911 to report a creepy stranger lurking outside his front door.

Emergency Call

“911. What’s your emergency?”

“I need help! There’s a man outside! He’s got a knife!”

“What’s the address?”

“My address is… 121 Bourbon Street.”

“OK, Sir. Can you tell me what’s happening?”

“There’s a man outside my front door. He killed my dog!”

“OK, Sir. We’re dispatching a patrol car to your address.”

“Thank you. Please hurry!”

“Are you alone in the house?”

“Yes, I’m alone.”

“Can you see the man now?”

“I can see him through the peephole. He’s just standing there, staring at the door.”

“Do you know this man?”

“No. I’ve never seen him before in my life.”

“Can you describe him for me?”

“He’s tall… thin… gaunt face… hollow cheeks…”

“Is he caucasian?”

“Yes. He looks strange and he has a weird smile on his face.”

“What is he wearing?”

“A suit and tie.”

“What is he doing now, Sir?”

“He’s just standing perfectly still, staring straight at me and… Oh my God!”


“He’s cutting off my dog’s head! He’s cutting it off with a knife!”

“Stay on the line, Sir.”

“Oh God! He’s holding it up. He’s holding my dog’s head and waving it at me. Please help me! Get someone over here immediately!”

“The patrol car is on its way, Sir. They should be there in a few minutes.”

“Tell them to hurry! This guy is out of his mind!”

“They’ll be there as fast as they can, Sir. Just stay calm.”

“He’s banging on the door now! He’s banging the dog’s head against the door!”

“Sir, step away from the door. Are all the doors and windows locked?”

“Yes, they’re locked… but I can’t see him anymore!”

“What? Sir? What happened?”

“He covered the peephole with something. Now I don’t know where he is.”

“OK Sir, just stay on the phone with me until the officers arrive.”

“He could be anywhere!”

“Sir, just calm down.”

“He’s going to kill me, I know it!”

“Just calm down. Everything’s going to be OK.”

“I can hear the sound of a siren outside.”

“That should be the patrol car arriving.”

“A car just drove up. I can hear someone getting out.”

“That’s the police officers. You’re safe now.”

“OK. I’m opening the door and letting them in.”

“Please stay on the line and give the phone to the police officers when they arrive.”

* * *

“Hello? This is Patrolman James Walker.”

“Hello. This is the 911 operator. I dispatched your car to this location. Can you describe the situation?”

“Sure. We found a dead dog outside. The body was lying in the yard and the head was on the doorstep. The front door is covered in blood. There’s no one in the house except the victim.”

“Did you apprehend the suspect?”

“No. There’s no sign of him anywhere. We’ll have to bring in sniffer dogs and do a search of the area.”

“And the victim… He’s OK?

“Yes, he’s a little shaken up, but he seems fine. He’s an odd one, though… Just stands there smiling at us…”

“What? Smiling? Can you describe him for me?”

“Sure… He’s caucasian… tall… thin… pale… wearing a suit and tie…”

“Oh my God! That’s the suspect! Officer? Officer? Are you there? Can you hear me?”

At this point, the phone went dead.

When reinforcements arrived at the address, they found the bodies of both patrol officers lying in the hallway. Their heads had been cut off. In the refrigerator in the kitchen, they found the body of the owner of the house. His head was also missing. When a postmortem examination was carried out, the police established the time of death. It turned out that the victim wouldn’t have been able to call the emergency services… He had already been dead for six hours.

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  • Noooooo! Makes me think of my puppies!! I don’t want them to die😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


    Me: *kills muderer* :3
    Dead guy in fridge: Can you give me a decent burial? And my dog to. His name is Biscuit.
    Me: *runs out of house* NOOPPPPEEE -.-

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