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Kittens is a creepy story about a little girl who wondered what happened to all her pet cat’s babies.


When a little girl’s cat had kittens they disappeared, after a couple of days, she asked her mother what happened to them and her mother said “God took them.”

Months later the cat again had a litter of kittens. Her mother sent her out to run some errands, but, before she left, she wanted to play with the kittens again. She heard her father coming carrying a bucket and hid from him. She watched while her father put the kittens in a sack and drowned them in the bucket. Later the girl again asked her mother what happened to the kittens. Her mother said “God took them.”

Several days later the mother asked the girl to watch her brother in the bath tub while she answered the phone. When the mother returned, she started screaming “What happened to him? What happened to him?”

The little girl told her “God took him.”

scary for kids


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