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Child's Eyes

Child’s Eyes

Child’s Eyes is a very short tale of horror about the things that lurk in the dark. The things that adults can’t see.

Child's Eyes

Through the eyes of a child, the world is very different. Every child has a fear of what is lurking under their bed. They fear what is hiding in the closet or peeping in at them through the little crack in a door that’s standing ajar.

A doctor would tell you that children are much more perceptive than adults. Their eyes are able to see the things that an adult’s eyes cannot see. When you grow up, you become blind to the dangers that creep and crawl through the darkness. Children can see what is truly there. They see the monsters.

If you were to look, for just one night, through a child’s eyes, you would know what true fear really is. If you were able to see again the things you only dimly remember from your childhood, imagine how terrifying that would be. Can you remember those sleepless nights, burrowing under your covers, shaking and shivering in the darkness, afraid to move, afraid to make a sound, afraid to breathe?

Those are the nights that adults forget. The nights when you would cover yourself completely with your blankets, so that the monsters couldn’t see you. The nights when you would hold your breath, so the monsters couldn’t hear you. The nights when you would lie as still as possible, so you wouldn’t attract their attention. I know you remember those nights.

The only thing that would protect you was light. Bright light. You slept with the light on. That made it safe. That meant they couldn’t get you.

Teenagers are caught in the middle. They still sense that something is there in the darkness, but they try to convince themselves it’s just their imagination. They’re embarrassed to sleep with the light on. Teenagers have forgotten that light is the only thing that can keep them away.

While you’re sitting there in front of your computer, do you think that the light from your monitor will be enough to keep them away?

Sorry. It’s not.

Now look behind you with a child’s eyes and try not to scream.

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  • I’m 11, btw, and when i finished reading this i turned around, normal. I like the dark, it comforts me…it likes me.

  • I turned alright to see DUN DUN DUN…
    Oh.. ice cream 😂

    Lol scary story time!!!
    One time I was laying down and heard foot steps outside my door. Then I heard a loud bang outside my door. I buried my self in the covers and I finally fell asleep.
    When I woke up there was a hole in my door. It looked like someone stabbed it with a knife. The next morning I asked bro bro (my brother) if he was trying to prank me that night and he shrugged and said no.
    It still creeps me out. We had to replace the door. But I remember something that I just thought of… we forgot to lock the doors that night. So maybe someone broke in and tried to get through my door as I lock it every night. Thankfully no one was harmed. We don’t know who broke in and we will never know. Thank god im the only person with a room on the 1st floor and our stairs are kinda hidden. I hope he or she will be caught one day. If you read this thank you!!

  • i looked behind me and I saw……………………..



    My pillows

  • 1). I am a child.
    2). I’m reading off my phone, not a computer.
    3). The monsters are no danger to me. I’m dating Slendy and my ex is Jeff the Killer.
    4). I’m a danger to myself.😂😂

  • Oh no! I’m a teenager! I’m in the middle! I wish I was a kid again! I’m 14!

  • The first two paragraphs accurately describe how I feel after reading too many of these amazing stories from SFK :P

  • Stephen King still has the eyes of a child….he still uses a night light. Hey man he isn’t afraid to talk about it haha. This is a good one.

  • lol. I literally laughed out loud in class when I turned around and saw my teacher. Lol.

  • to be honest i am 13 and still have childs eyes i am very afraid of the dark i still have those nights when i am plunged to darkness i hide under covers and feel like someone or somethings watching me. i dare not to move. onee day when i was sleeping i woke up with a jerk and that was the first time i had the worst feeling of someone watching me i was afraid to scream then something more terrible happened something brushed through my hand i just kind of got paralized in the morning my hand had a bruise. it takees much imagination and skills to write such stories. i give it 8.6 out of 10 chocolates

  • I’m 11 and I turned around to see……..dun dun duuuhhhh…..
    MY CUSIONS AND PILLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol 😂😂😂😅😅😅😁😁😁😁😆😊😉😄😇😌😏😖😚😚

  • I look behind and saw………………….. My mother eating her sandwich LOL 😂😂

  • After finishing the story I looked behind me and saw…
    myself, sitting on the computer chair like me and staring at me! Then, I realized it was my wall-mirror…
    A truly terrifying experience for those 2 seconds…I will never forget this.

  • I looked behind and saw… THE COUCH IM LYING ON… big deal… wait whats that… AAH! THE DRESSER THAT IS AGAINST THE WALL! OMG IM HEARING NOISES ITS A MONSTER… nop just my cat. What a scary experience 😂😂😂

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! The back of a sofa! So terrifying! MUMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

    No joke, when I was reading this I saw a figure in white staring at me with torn clothes! At the edge of the door frame!

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