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House Of Pain

House Of Pain

The House of Pain is a scary story about three brothers who were killed 5 years ago. With this story I’m trying something new… This is a work in progress, so I will be regularly posting updates to the story. So keep checking back to find out what happens. I hope you enjoy it.

House Of Pain

House of Pain

Three brothers were spending the summer in a village near the coast. They were living with their grandparents for the holidays because their parents had to work and couldn’t leave the city.

At 16, Tomas was the oldest of the brothers. Javier was 14 years old and the youngest was Alejandro, at 12.

The long Summer days passed peacefully for the boys, as they spent their time playing on the beach, swimming in the ocean and going on bike rides along the coast.

One day, at the end of July, Javier happened to notice an old, dilapidated house on the cliffs. It seemed as if it was unoccupied and when he mentioned it to his brothers, they suggested taking a bike ride up to the cliffs to explore the abandoned building.

The idea was especially interesting to Alejandro, because he was a fan of scary stories that dealt with ghosts, haunted houses and all things mysterious.

The boys were always up to mischief and hated it when their grandparents tried to tell them what to do. For this reason, they decided that they would sneak out of the house, late at night, after their grandparents had gone to sleep.

Lying in bed that night, Tomas began to have some misgivings. From his bedroom window, he could see the house on the cliffs. He started to wonder if it was really such a good idea to go exploring an abandoned house in the middle of the night. However, he did not share his fears with his siblings because, as the oldest, he was afraid that they would consider him a coward.

Finally, the time came for the boys to sneak out of the house. As their grandparents slept peacefully, the three brothers tip-toed downstairs and silently closed the front door behind them. The moon was full that night and it lit their way as they set out on their bikes in the direction of the cliffs.

Tomas was still worried. He couldn’t shake the vague sense of unease, but he told himself that he had to go along for the ride. After all, as the oldest, it was his duty to make sure that nothing happened to his younger brothers.

It was nearly one o’clock in the morning when the three brothers reached the top of the cliffs. The decrepit, old house seemed menacing in the pale moonlight. They parked their bikes just in front of the door, but before they could open it, Tomas grabbed his brothers by the shoulder and held them back. His face was white and he looked as if he was scared to death.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this”, said Tomas nervously. “Maybe we should just forget it and go home.”

“We’ve come this far”, replied Javier. “We might as well go through with it.”

12-year old Alejandro chuckled. “What’s the matter, Big Brother?”, he said. “You scared of ghosts or something? Come on, let’s check out this place.”

Tomas reluctantly agreed and, strengthening his resolve, he followed his brothers into the house.

As soon as they opened the front door, they were assailed by a smell of mold and decay that was almost overpowering. The boys had to spend a few minutes just getting used to the awful stench. The interior of the house was pitch black and they could barely see a thing. Luckily, Tomas had been smart enough to think ahead. He took three flashlights out of his backpack and handed two of them to his siblings.

Part Two:

When they switched on their torches, the first thing they saw was a small hallway which ended in a flight of stairs that led to the second floor. Before going upstairs, the boys decided to explore the rooms on the ground floor. There was a small kitchen, a bathroom and a living room with a large cupboard. Opening the cupboard, they found an old, broken umbrella and a big pair of yellow wellington boots. The boots were of the type a fisherman would wear.

Climbing up to the second floor, they found a corridor with doors on both sides, so they decided to split up and explore the rooms one by one. There was nothing of interest in these rooms until Alejandro walked into one room in particular.

The walls of the room were lined with shelves full of dolls. In the glare of the flashlight, it seemed as if their eyes were moving. Dismissing it as a trick of the light, he shone his torch around the room and saw that there was a bed, a table with a record player on it, a desk and a chair. Everything seemed normal, when suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Alejandro thought he saw something lying on the far side of the bed.

He turned his head and the flashlight illuminated what appeared to be the body of a young girl. She was dressed in old clothes and covered in dust. Was she dead or just sleeping? He couldn’t tell. Cautiously, Alejandro moved around the bed and pointed the flashlight at her face. What he saw was enough to make a grown man run screaming from the room.

The girl in the bed had no eyes. Her face was completely covered in dried blood.

Part Three:

Alejandro was trembling with fear. He wanted to run, but his feet were frozen to the spot. Just then, the record player sprang to life and began to play a creepy old song. He looked up. The dolls on the shelves were moving their arms back and forth, their eyes glinting with evil intent. The door of the room suddenly slammed shut of its own accord. He ran over and tried to open it, but it was locked.

“Help me! Help me!”, screamed Alejandro.

In another room, Tomas and Javier heard their brother’s screams and came running down the corridor. They could hear Alejandro begging for help and banging on the other side of the door. Desperate to save him, the two boys tried to break down the door, flinging themselves against it, but it was no use. The door held firm.

A few seconds later, Alejandro stopped shouting and the house became deathly silent. Tomas and Javier began to fear the worst.

They tried the door again and, when they turned the handle, it swung open easily. The sight that greeted their eyes was too horrible to comprehend.

Alejandro was sprawled, face-up, on the bed. His eyes were missing and his face was covered in blood. He was dead.

Terrified, the brothers fled down the stairs, but when they reached the front door, they found it locked. All of the windows were boarded up. There was no way out. It was as if the house was not willing to let them out.

Part Four:

While Javier tried to pry the boards off the windows, Tomas attempted to calm himself and think of a way out. Suddenly, he remembered something. When he had looked into the closet in the hallway, he had noticed that some of the floorboards were missing. Perhaps they could get out that way.

Tomas ran to the closet and began pulling at the floorboards, trying to make the hole large enough to squeeze through. The rotting boards came apart in his hands and a foul stench arose from the hole. He stuck his head down through the hole and was horrified by what he saw.

Lying under the boards was the decomposing corpse of a man. The rotting body was dressed in a suit and there were bits of flesh still attached to the bones. The man’s head was missing and there was a bloody axe lying across his chest.

Tomas jerked backwards in disgust and shut the closet door. He began to gag and felt as if he was going to throw up. Leaning against the wall, he tried to catch his breath.

Suddenly, the closet door burst open and the headless corpse emerged. Startled, Tomas dived into the kitchen, narrowly avoiding the icy clutches of the walking dead thing. The corpse shuffled down the hallway, the fingers of its left hand clawing at the air. In its right hand, it brandished the axe.

Tomas tried to scream out to warn his brother, but he couldn’t make a sound. The scream died in his throat. Before he realized what was happening, the thing had reached Javier, who was still struggling with the boarded windows, oblivious to the danger.

As Tomas watched in mute horror, the headless corpse swung the bloody axe and decapitated his younger brother. Javier’s severed head bounced off the wall and rolled down the hallway.

Tomas let out a wail like a wounded animal. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he collapsed to his knees in defeat. As the older brother, he had failed to protect his siblings.

Suddenly, he felt something coil around his neck. He grabbed at it and his hands touched something coarse and rough. It was a rope. Before he had time to do another thing, he was jerked off his feet by an unseen force.

To Be Continued… soon. :D

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  • Here is my story:
    Those…Those Eyes
    There was once a young traveller who was walking alone late one night on a mountain when it started rain cats and dogs.
    He stood under a bus stop and spotted a hotel nearby on a cliff. He went there and asked the manager for a room for one night. He agreed and gave him the keys for the second last room on the topmost floor as all the other rooms were occupied. He agreed and went there. It was a very big hotel but very dirty and there were not more than four or five waiters working there. It gave him shudders to see such a big hall. He opened the door and entered the room.
    In the middle of the night he was suddenly awoken by a very sweet singing of young girl along with a piano. He thought that the song sounded a bit sad. He was a polite and a well-mannered man but the curiosity got the best of him. He went out and peeped through the key-hole of the room from where the singing was coming. On peeping he saw that everything was bright red. He got scared but went to the manager and asked him about the history of the hotel.
    He said that the hotel was once a very grand palace. A princess used to live here. She was now dead. She used to live in the room next to the traveller’s room. She had a very melodious voice and played piano very well. And the main thing that made her the most beautiful and one in a thousand was the fact that she had bright red eyes…

  • ok heres my story.. kim was waiting at the hosptile she knew her dad was gonna to be alright or a lest she hoped. her dad had a stroke. she was redy to hear the new good or bad well atleast she though. the docter came out you dad her began… so sorry. kim fell on her knees and she cryed out her eyes. she drove home that night feeling sad her dad was a single parent her mom died with giveing brith to her,but she tough she heard her dad say im always with you this is all i have so far sory for the spelling errors

  • Well gidgay that’s 1 Æ Í¡Ì´Ì´.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ Ǧ̩̥ÜÐ Æ Í¡Ì´Ì´.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ story °̩ just want to ask what country ƳƟƱ from :?

  • This story doesn’t need stories on the comments section either gosh. You can type a story in the ‘Whats your story’ section. ugh

  • The story could have a next part like this:
    The rope pulled back on Tomas’s neck so hard that he flew backward up a flight of stairs, into a hidden room. Tomas tried as hard as he could to breathe, but the rope tugged tighter and tighter. Suddenly, Tomas fell to the ground. The rope had just… vanished. Breathing heavily, Tomas stood in a crouching position and looked around at his surroundings. The room was covered in dust and thick cobwebs. White-sheeted pieces of furniture lay strewn about the room… was it an attic?
    Tomas felt a person looming behind him. He slowly pivoted on his toes to find a tall, heavy-set woman standing at a full height of six feet one inch. She had frizzy, red-brown hair and a bloodstained apron tied around her thick waist. Tomas fell flat on his back and stared up in horror at the woman.She grinned maliciously and slid a rustyu butcher knife from her deep pocket. Tomas gasped and squeezed his eyes shut.

    If this is a good place to end then end it here, if not:

    The woman held the knife blade-down and plunged it deep into Tomas’s stomach. His screams of pain and terror echoed throughout the cliffs. Tomas’s, Javier’s, and Alejandro’s grandparents heard the shrieks and located the sound. They began to hurry up the hillsides. Suddenly they felt sharp pains in their chests and collapsed. They both died of heart attacks at the exact same time.
    No one visited the old house for a long time, until three sisters, aged 15, 13, and 11 explored they house. They were all murdered by a boy without eyes, a headless teen with an axe, and an older boy with a bloody knife.

    Sorry for any spelling errors!

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