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Fiendish Curiosities

Fiendish Curiosities

Fiendish Curiosities are a collection of rare dead creatures and impossible monsters that have been discovered around the world. Are these amazing pictures of terrifyingly strange beasts real or fake? Well, that’s for you to decide, but I’m sure you can figure it out. They look still cool though.

1. Alligator Boy

Fiendish Curiosities

This truly strange and twisted specimen was recovered from the Florida Everglades, where the story of the alligator boy is a local urban legend. As the story goes, human DNA was introduced into the local wildlife by drunken moonshine runners who hid their stills deep within the swamps to avoid the authorities in the early 1920s during prohibition. The result was this creature, a half-human half-reptile hybrid. The long arms are capable of grabbing and holding food while the upright head allows it to identify prey. Reports of similar creatures have come from deep within the Louisiana Bayou, however both regions are so full of dense undergrowth and swampland that launching a scientific mission would be nearly impossible.

2. Bigfoot Skull

Fiendish Curiosities

The skull of this sasquatch or bigfoot creature was discovered in the Rocky Mountains. The famous cryptid missing link has been an enigma for many years. The reason most people denied its existence was the lack of physical evidence. All that changed when scientists recovered the skull and anthropological experts verified that it was a genuine bigfoot. Note the low cranial grooves and the oversized jawbone.

3. Cyclops Piglet

Fiendish Curiosities

This specimen is a the result of a mutation caused by a genetic experiment gone wrong. The eyes fused together into a single unit, resulting in a cyclops appearance. As a result, the skull has no choice but to form around the single existing eye leaving the animal’s nose to grow a out of the forehead into an ill-defined trunk-like proboscis.

4. Devil Boy

Fiendish Curiosities

A voodoo curse brought about by a witchdoctor resulted in the walking Juju. A stillborn child which was born to a Haitian woman, a child that was said to be the devil’s baby. In 1962 a cultural anthropologist, while researching this myth, discovered the cursed gravesite of the devil boy, and recovered from the earthen burial mound this skull, clearly showing the young child’s horns!

5. One-Eyed Cat

Fiendish Curiosities

This mutant cat was born in a litter of strays located near Love Canal, Niagara Falls New York. This particular specimen was brought to the New York Humane Society in poor shape, obviously the runt of the litter and shunned by the mother due to it’s ‘unnatural’ appearance. Humane Society workers bottle raised him, and he became somewhat of a mascot to the Niagara Falls Humane Society, appearing in several newsletters. After his death, he was preserved and adopted by that chapter, as an unofficial reminder of the good and charitable work they do.

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  • I think The Cyclops Piglet looks fake.
    And The Bigfoot Skull, everyone knows Bigfoot is just a mythical creature which is also fake!
    And seriously! First The Mermaid – Half fish & half a girl & now The Alligator Boy – Half alligator & half a boy!

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