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Funny Ouija Board Stories

Funny ouija board stories and experiences from real life.

Funny Ouija Board Stories

1. I asked the ouija board when I was going to get a girlfriend and it spelled out HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA until my wrists got tired.

2. We were using a ouija board and we contacted the spirit of a boy who said his name was “GOOGLE”. We asked where he came from he said “INTERNET”. Then we asked what language he speaks and he said “WIKIPEDIA”.

Funny Ouija Board Stories

3. We were having a Ouija session one evening and we contacted a spirit. We asked him several questions about his life. Then we asked him when he died and he said, “1948”. Later, we asked him what year he was born and he replied, “1955”. We looked at each other, confused, and said, “You mean you died BEFORE you were born?” The planchette circled the board wildly for a moment, then it spelled out, “O-O-P-S” and refused to move again.

Funny Ouija Board Stories

4. When I was a kid, my mom and I lived next door to her older sister. My mom used to use a ouija board and my aunt kept warning her about the spiritual danger. Eventually, my mother threw the ouija board in the trash. AND THE NEXT DAY IT SHOWED UP IN THE BACKYARD! So she threw it back in the trash, BUT THEN IT SHOWED UP AGAIN! She threw it out again, AND IT SHOWED UP AGAIN!! Finally, she threw it in the dumpster behind the supermarket near our house and it was never seen again. Years later, my aunt admitted that she bought multiple ouija boards at the store and threw them over our fence to freak my mother out.

Funny Ouija Board Stories

5. We used a ouija board a few times. Once we contacted a spirit and asked “How are you?” The response we got was, “D-E-A-D”.

6. If I was a ghost and some teenagers tried to contact me using a ouija board, I would wait for them to ask, “Are there any spirits here?” then I would move the planchette to “NO” just to mess with their heads.

7. There was a camper van outside our house and one night we went out there to do the ouija board. When we started asking questions, the planchette just went rapidly back and forth between “H” and “A”. It did this over and over again, ignoring all our questions. We finally realized that it was laughing and we asked it what was so funny. It slowed down and spelled out “YOU-ARE-TRAPPED”. We got creeped out and stopped using the ouija board. But when we tried to leave the camper, I grabbed the door handle and it came off in my hand.

8. My sister and I were doing the ouija board one night and we contacted the spirit of a dead boy. When we asked him what he looked like, he spelled out, “I’M CUTE AS HELL WHICH IS INCIDENTALLY WHERE I CAME FROM.”

9. I told my grandma that facebook is a good way to get in contact with old friends. She said if she wanted to contact old friends, she would need a ouija board.

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