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Baby Monitor

Creepy baby monitor horror stories and photos about parents who hear and see strange, creepy and unexplainable things on their children’s baby monitors.

Baby Monitor

1. A father was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. His newborn baby was upstairs, asleep in her crib. On the baby monitor, he could hear the sound of his wife singing a lullaby. “Go to sleep… go to sleep…” He smiled. Just then, the front door opened and his wife came carrying the groceries.

2. There’s nothing in the world more soothing than the laughter of a baby… Unless it’s 1 AM… and you’re home alone… and you don’t have a baby…

3. My cousin woke up in the middle of the night, looked at the baby monitor and saw this:

Baby Monitor

4. I had a baby monitor with a camera installed at the foot of my son’s crib. One evening, I was downstairs watching a movie when I happened to glance over at the monitor. All I could see on the screen was an eerie, distorted face. I ran upstairs to my son’s room and found him sound asleep. I looked around but I didn’t see anything strange, so I waited in the hallway and peeked in through a crack in the door. About 10 minutes later, I saw my son standing up in his crib and putting his face right up against the monitor. He was giggling like crazy. Then, he quickly lay down and acted like he was asleep. I laughed it off, but a few nights later I saw the same thing on the monitor. The only difference was my son was lying on the couch next to me at the time.

5. My wife and I woke up to this on the baby monitor:

Baby Monitor

6. My baby was 6 months old and she had been asleep for about an hour when the the monitor started picking up static. My husband and I just stared at it for a moment, then a voice came through the monitor. A low, husky voice that gave us both chills. It said, “Get her!” We both ran down the hall and into the bedroom where the baby was. Just as we went into the room the baby’s blanket literally flew off, as if someone had pulled it off. My husband grabbed the baby and we ran out of the room. The whole house was so cold we could see our own breath. We got in the car and spent the night at my mother-in-law’s house.

7. Not sure why your cousin was freaked out by their baby monitor. This is what shows up on mine every night:

Baby Monitor

8. Years ago, I worked with radios. One day, during a test, I picked up a two-way baby monitor in a nearby apartment. I could hear a baby sleeping and the sound of some woman washing the dishes. As a joke, I pushed “TALK” on my headset, and said, in a loud, demonic voice, “FEED ME!” Then I heard the sound of dishes shattering.

9. Living with a little baby is like being in a horror movie. American Horror Story 5: Our Baby Monitor…

Baby Monitor

10. We had a baby monitor with night vision mode, so we could watch our son sleeping in his crib. One evening, I looked over at the monitor and saw my son standing up. Then I saw two female hands reach in and pick him up. I completely flipped out and made my husband go upstairs to check on him. The baby was lying there, sleeping peacefully and there was no ghostly woman. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then I heard the neighbor’s dog barking… but I heard it on our baby monitor. I finally realized that the neighbors had the exact same baby monitor as us and we were picking up footage of their son’s room.

11. Since we’re doing scary baby monitor pics…

Baby Monitor

12. I was babysitting my niece once and I could see her on the baby monitor. All of a sudden, I heard some whispering and realized it was coming from the baby monitor. When I looked at the screen, there was a dark shadow near her crib. The shadow definitely hadn’t been there before. I have never been more terrified in my life. I ran upstairs to her room and looked around, but there was nothing there. When I went back downstairs and looked at the monitor, the shadow was gone. I told my brother about it and he pulled me aside and told me not to mention it to his wife because she would freak out. He said that he had seen that same thing several times and heard the same whispering. They stayed in the house for 4 more years and my niece would often tell her mom about her “imaginary friend” who talked to her at night. To this day, it still creeps me out.

13. My dad told me that, one time when I was 18 months old, I stood up in the crib and ordered a Happy Meal, fries and a medium Coke from the baby monitor…

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