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Things That Are Scary at Night

Things That Are Scary at Night

Things that are scary at night but not during the day

1. The distant laughter of children playing in the park

Things That Are Scary At Night

2. The eerie jingle of an ice cream truck

Things That Are Scary At Night

3. A phone ringing in the middle of the night

Things That Are Scary At Night

4. Finding an open window when you’re home alone

Things That Are Scary At Night

5. A clown standing on a street corner, holding a balloon

Things That Are Scary At Night

6. A light switch that doesn’t work

Things That Are Scary At Night

7. Stairs leading down to the basement

Things That Are Scary At Night

8. The unblinking stare of a doll sitting on a shelf

Things That Are Scary At Night

9. A flickering lightbulb

Things That Are Scary At Night

10. Getting lost in the woods

Things That Are Scary At Night

11. Looking at your own reflection in the mirror

12. Hearing a noise coming from upstairs

13. A man digging a hole in his back yard

14. The clothes hanging on your bedroom chair

15. The tune from a child’s wind-up music box

16. Driving down a lonely country road

17. The sound of footsteps behind you when you’re walking home

18. A van with tinted windows right next to your car in a deserted parking lot

19. A child flying a kite

20. Public toilets

21. Taking out the garbage

22. The shadows on your wall

23. Leaves blowing in the wind

24. Several missed calls from an unknown number

25. The old abandoned house at the end of your street

26. When your dog barks at something that isn’t there

27. The mannequins in a department store window

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  • I always have thought my old school girl toilet is haunted as I once put my lunchbox on the top of toilet shelf then when I turn back, it would be sitting on the floor perfect upright. And that happened again the next time I went to the same toilet stall and it freak me out so I avoided it. Also I would hear someone talking in there. Like two people there having normal conversation but I don’t know what they say though.

  • I remember there used to be this one ice cream truck and it would still be active at night- in case anyone wanted a midnight snack, but it was creepy as hell for me.

  • You see, open windows when you’re home alone scare the crap out of me. So once, my mother left me at home alone because she needed to pick up my younger sister from school, and I was sitting in the living room, doing my own thing. And all of a sudden, I heard CREAAAAAAK from the bedroom. I freaked out, because there was no TV on or anything that could make a sound like that. So what did I do? I grabbed the biggest damn knife the was in the kitchen, and slowly went into the bedroom, expecting some psycho to be waiting there. There was no one there, just a closet door open… That closet door only makes noise if its opened by someone, because the hinges are rusty. And the bedroom window was open. I don’t kno if it was the wind….or what…. but it was creepy.

  • Correct, specially open window when you are home alone, I remember how hard it was for me to go near it and shut it…OMG..!!!!!!!!

  • Man if i ever see a clown holding a balloon at the middle of the night i would call the police …i hate freakin clowns

  • Why would children be flying kites in the middle of the night? And 20, I don’t even get it….

  • @alicorn this a common story of every school. Every school has its own stories about “ghost in the toilet”! :D Even my school had its own!

  • 20 is right! My schools bathroom is pretty creepy, some say it’s haunted! It doesn’t look scary, it looks like any ordinary public bathroom, but sometimes bloody handprints appear on the walls, and sinks turn on by themselves… To be honest, it’s kinda creepy, especially imagine it at night!

  • I hear noise coming from upstairs at night when i am alone . I hide under blankets
    These r all true but 19 and 20 are just… idk

  • I don’t get 19 and 20… :-/
    and u may add… graveyards in middle of night.
    And… In india specially the ghats(river banks) where dead bodies are burnt, are one of most scary places… There a kind of prophets live known as “aghories” who eat BURNING HUMAN FLESH! I have seen them myself!!
    Well i’ll give it 7 out of 10 cookies. :)

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