Scary For Kids
Scary Notes

Scary Notes

Scary notes from kids and creepy messages.

1. The Password Note

A 7-year old girl left this note for her parents on their computer.

Scary Notes

“If you put a password on that, I will make your life a nightmare.”

2. The Password Note

A father was watching the end of a football game when his 8-year-old daughter asked when they’d be leaving for the beach. Just another 20 minutes or so, he told her. Eventually, the game ended and they went to the beach, but when he went to bed that night, he found this note sitting on his pillow.

Scary Notes

“Never put nature aside for television. You burned my feelings today, and I am warning you never to do what you did today again.”

3. The Chalk Drawing

Scary Notes

“I Heart Satan”.

4. The 100 Years Old Note

Scary Notes

“What will you be doing when you’re 100 years old?”
“Breaking out of my tomb!”

5. The Subtle Note

Scary Notes

“Dear Uncle Bryan, I hope you have a good birthday. I love you Uncle Bryan. How are you? Have you heard of Satan? he makes you do bad things. Love, Rebekkah.”

6. These People Live in My House

Scary Notes

7. The Threatening Letter

Scary Notes

“Dad. You have made the biggest mistake of your life. Messing with Daleth you’re messing with me. Prepare for your doom.”

8. The Beheading Note

Scary Notes

“Dear Valerie, Get out of my life.”

9. Valentine’s Day Cards

Scary Notes

“Be My Valentine” “Got love?” “Die the most painful death.”

10. I Love Santa

Scary Notes

11. The Lucky Note

Scary Notes

“Mom and Dad, you are lucky you are alive…”

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  • I have seen mist of these before.

    1st one. The colour has been edited.

    4th one. The kid has a sense of humour (LOL).

    5th one. Just asking a question… At least s/he knows that they’re BAD things…

    8th one. Valerie is actually his baby sitter, whom he (obviously) doesn’t like.

    10th one. She got help to spell Santa and put the “N” in the wrong place.

    11th one. Just a reminder


  • Lol, I’m telling you, little kids aren’t as innocent as we’d expect them to be. They’re secretly evil. Who agrees with me?

  • I have heard that the things kids say is true because they can see something which we can’t… so next time believe them.

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